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A selection of the large body of work produced by George Havrillay. Many paintings are for sale (from Victoria, Australia). If you have an interest in purchasing (using PayPal), please make contact. Please note that many of the images of artworks are reproduced from George's own 35mm photographs and some do not show sharp detail or accurate contrast.


Original watercolour by George Havrillay. Signed, not dated.

The two photos show the effect of age, with the yellowing of the paper and the fading of pigments. (The images were taken over 35 years apart, the sharpest most recent.)

Turner: Canale Grande


Reproduction oil painting by George Havrillay. "After J. W. Turner Canale Grande" (bottom left). Of all the reproductions George created, he admitted that this was among the most difficult because of Turner's distinctive brush technique. AUD$2900-