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Garry's Blog

Australia, you blew it!

After a predictable resounding “No” vote, I’m not so proud of being part of what appears to be a country still entrenched with unfounded fears and racist teachings.

Gambling couched in glamour

There's a new perverse kind of voyeurism with Australia's premier gambling event.

What's our COVID future?

Locked in, locked out, locked up. Check in, check out, check up. Here's my prediction.

"Do you feel lucky, punk?"

COVID news stories are not being created on a Hollywood sound stage — A message to anti-vaxxers.

The Facebook Gambit

As I write today, Australia is engaged in a battle that the world is watching.

Sending merchandise via international mail? Think again.

Economy International Air Mail is no longer an option, so how will I avoid paying ten times more for postage?

Goodbye Facebook

#DeleteFacebook — Let's be clear. Facebook is a prolific data miner, and abound with false information. You should fear this.

Making a documentary about an extraordinary Indonesian artist

It seemed right that I use my skills to help edit and complete this major documentary. It's finally done. Watch the Trailer here.

Video upgrade and 16mm rescue

Further to the recent website upgrade, nearly all the video on this site is now available in best available resolution with 5.1 Surround Sound.

Toxic Beauty

It's been a pleasure to collaborate with Annemarie Szeleczky again, this time on a new 4 minute video called 'Atrophy'.