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The Bathhouse Series

From George Havrillay's notes...

"In the middle ages the most popular places for social contact. relaxation, drinking, whoring and even for taking a bath were the bathhouses or bagnios. They were all over Europe. In London the Mayor was a proud owner of several, as was the Duke Albrecht of Austria in Vienna. It was a very lucrative business but pictorially not much got down to us about the goings on in these places. This lack of informative material inspired me to rectify the situation by producing a series of paintings dealing with the subject. These paintings would make attractive talking points for any tavern or watering hole, especially with an authentically designed matching interior."

These paintings (each 48 1/2" x 36" or 1226mm x 198mm) are for sale as a collection, and could be custom crated for international shipping. Contact us to make an offer, or for further information.