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Atrophy by Annemarie Szeleczky and Garry Havrillay

Multichannel Audio Format: Surround Sound

Handmade, computer & live performance animation / Video / 4:00

A 2017 collaboration between artist Annemarie Szeleczky and Garry Havrillay. Depicting a variety of plastic waste such as bags, netting, synthetic ropes and other materials that we discard and how we slowly drown in it.  Artworks, direction, performance & camera by Annemarie Szeleczky.  Video realisation, music & sound by Garry Havrillay.  Distributor A. Szeleczky  (Mastered uncompressed as 1080p 25fps Video, 5.1 PCM 48k-24bit Surround Sound).

Video below is 720p H264 25fps with AAC 5.1 Surround sound (when a multichannel audio interface is present).