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Program 647
David Bridie - It's Been A While Since Our Last Correspondence

The thread running through this week's program is storytelling through music, sound and text. Featured is the Ngarrindjeri Creation Story, part of a work by playwright Glenn Shea, with sound and music by Elissa Goodrich. Also a story of Indonesian life told through ethnographic recordings, and one of a typical Australian day at the local pool in summer.


Title  [Dur.]
Album  (Year)

Karine Polwart, Kris Drever, Rachel Newton, Julie Fowlis, Seckou Keita, Kerry Andrew, Jim Molyneux & Beth Porter
Kingfisher [4:37]
Various Artists: The Lost Words: Spell Songs (2019)

Carolan's Frolic [2:46]
Carolan – Fantasias On Themes By Turlough O’Carolan (2023)

David BRIDIE  
Into the Drink She Goes - Catherine Deveny [5:24]
It’s Been A While Since Our Last Correspondence (2023)

Law inta kont hina [5:55]
1325 Ibn Battutah (2024)

Elissa GOODRICH & Glenn SHEA  
Ngarrindjeri Creation Story and Soundscape [9:22]
MI:WI 3027 (2024, not publicly available)

Various, inc. Jonas Moi, Johannes Mesak, Eli Koamesa
Rotinese Soundscape A) Dawn B) Circle Dance C) Night D) Troubled Grass And Crying Bamboo E) Sea F) Bo Lele Bo [8:34]
Various Artists: The Music of Roti - Troubled Grass and Crying Bamboo (1996)

Nikaura villagers, Vanuatu
Roi kito / Komarakakua [3:03]
Various Artists: Ol Sing Blong Plantesen (Plantation Songs) (2023)

Kothbiro [4:12]
Circumterra - Primera Vuelta al Mundo (First Circumnavigation of the World) (2022)

Kodhi [4:40]
Kodhi: Trevor Warren's Adventures With Ayub Ogada (2015)

Theme: Mark Isham — Nanawatai Pt.2 — The Beast (1988)