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Candida by George Bernard Shaw produced at HSV-7, Crew


Back row L–>R: 
Ian McLeod [Head of Audio],  Ken Hancock [Head of Lighting],  Graeme Arthur [Camera],  George Havrillay [Art Director],  Jack Bell [Props],  Noel Adern [Lighting],  Jack White [Lighting],  Unknown,  Harald Aspinal [Audio],  Unknown,  Unknown,  John Hansen  // 

Seated C:  Peter Cotes [Producer];  Seated C-right:  Unknown  // 

Front row L–>R: 
(seated on bed) Unknown,  (crouching) Barry 'Pancho' Fernandes [Audio],  (crouching) John Simmonds [Audio],  (kneeling) Alf Potter [Director],  (seated on floor) Unknown [Director's Assistant?],  (seated on floor) Bunney Brooke* [Floor Manager],  (crouching) Unknown,  (seated far R) Bob Willis [Technical Director?]  // 

Likely photographer was either Harry Wonnacott or Jack Degankamp  // 

Huge thanks to Ken Mulholland for identifying many people in this photo  // 

(* Many viewers will recognise Bunney Brooke for her acting role as Flo Patterson in the memorable '70s TV soap 'Number 96')

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