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#590 — All Australian Music

Program 590
Ngulmiya - Ngulmiya

This program leads with the gorgeous new album by Ngulmiya from Arnhem Land, following in the musical footsteps of Gurrumul by working with piano and orchestral strings.

An all-Australian music program will be my way of dodging debate around January 26 with the now annual outpouring of both anger and national pride, but I'm going to stake my claim on the date that Australia came to be as the least divisive alternative, Federation Day January 1st.


Title  [Dur.]  
Album  (Year)

Dhararri [5:11]  
Ngulmiya (2022)

"BUKKU" (Bukhchuluun Ganburged)    
Waltzing Matilda [2:41]  
Various Artists: Music Deli: 25th Anniversary (2010)

Trevor ADAMSON    
Waltzing Matilda (sung in Pitjantatjara as Nyanpi Matilda) [3:33]  
Various Artists: In Aboriginal [3:33]

Harry COOK    
Amen (5:02)  
Single (2022) [5:02]

Mindy Meng WANG 王萌 & Tim SHIEL    
My Love Is Not What It Was 嗔念 [4:51]  
Nervous Energy (2021)

Dejame Volar (feat Junlaholaan) [4:59]  
Entre Dos Mundos (Between Two Worlds) (2022)

Vanessa ESTRADA    
Agua libre (Free water) feat. Frecuencia Nativa [4:17]  
Cancion de despedida (Farewell song) (2022)

Dhuwan Baraay Yuligi [3:19]  
Various Artists: Wantok Musik Vol. 3 (2022)

Bortier OKOE    
Ga Mɛi [4:00]  
Singles (2022)

Julian BELBACHIR    
Home Lands feat. Malin Sylla (Radio Edit) [3:39]  
Babdoukkala (2022)

U-Kan (Cloud At Mickey's Country) [5:39]  
Songs from Walking With Spirits (2022)

Rosario de MARCO    
The Light Within [2:25]  
Dream On (2023)

Theme: Garry Havrillay — Fragments of Memory (edit) — Aurora (2018)