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Program 510

This was the final edition of the program on PBS.


ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

VAS .... USA
A Garland of Breath 6'33
(Offerings) [Narada]
The second release from VAS who are Azam Ali (voice, hammer dulcimer, psaltery, tanpura and frame drums) and Greg Ellis (a massive range of exotic percussion). An atmospheric fusion of sub-continental and Persian influences with no electronic gadgets. Highly Recommended.

Djivan GASPARYAN & Michael BROOK .... Armenia / Canada
Forbidden Love 5'35 (Black Rock)
[Real World]

Djivan GASPARYAN .... Armenia
7th December 1988 4'01
(Moon Shines At Night) [All Saints]
Gasparyan plays the duduk (Armenian oboe) and sings.

Bachir ATTAR ....Morocco
Ceremonies against the night of the Devil 4'18
(The Next Dream) [CMP]

Alalilla 4'39
(Apocalypse Across The Sky) [Axiom]
This piece features the womens group - all relatives of Bachir ATTAR.

SOUTH SINAI BEDOUINS - Selim SELIMAN, musical director, lead voice, oud, simsimiyya .... Egypt
Ba'ad Al-asaha 5'56
(Music of the South Sinai Bedouins: Music of Islam Vol.2) [Celestial Harmonies]

SABAH .... Lebanon
Assoura Mdili Assoura 7'21
(Sabah) [Voice of Lebanon]
A song written by Michel Toume and Farid Al-Atrash.

Hossam RAMZY ....Egypt / UK
Farid Al Atrash 8'29
(The Best of Farid Al Atrash) [ARC Music]
This tribute to the prolific film star, singer and composer features Mamdouh El Gebaly on the oud, and a great performance it is.

Hamdi AHMED .... Egypt
Ghallo Tara 4'23
(Sif Safaa: New Music from the Middle East) [Hemisphere]

VAS .... USA
Svarga 8'42
(Offerings) [Narada]
This album even has one track that features Omar Faruk TEKBILEK.

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... Turkey / USA
Crescent Moon 7'56
(Crescent Moon) [Celestial Harmonies]
This new album is his best since Whirling, more vibrant and uptempo.

MARA! .... Australia
Ruino Vino 1'48
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus]
Mara Kiek solo.

Rumba Argelina 3'20
(Rumba Argelina) [World Circuit]

Mavri Korfi 4'20
(Daphne) [indepndent]
This CD is no longer available, so you'll need to look for Antipodes to find this piece.

Talip ÖZKAN .... Turkey
Suda Balik Oynuyor 3'15
(The Dark Fire) [Axiom]

DEAD CAN DANCE .... Australia / Ireland
Bird 4'48
(A Passage In Time) [4AD]

Mychael DANNA
Expulsion 1'50
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]
Vocals - Shubha MUDGAL

Lineage 4'55
(Zakir Hussain & The Rhythm Experience) [Moment]

Khalifa Ould EIDE & Dimi Mint ABBA .... Mauritania
Waidalal Waidalal 6'14
(Moorish Music From Mauritania) [World Circuit]
This piece was composed by Eide's father, and begins with three verses in praise of the prophet. A brilliant disc of music rarely recorded. Moorish musicians in Islamic Mauritania are known as iggawin, comparable to the Griots of Mali. The first half of the disc features the ardin (a 14 string relative of the kora) and the tidinit, a small lute similar to the ngoni. The electric guitar comes into play later.

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Visioni di Pietra ~4'00 (Le bala et la mouche)
[Robi Droli / Newtone]