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Program 509

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

D'GARY .... Madagascar
Gofo Libre 2'40
(Mbo Loza) [Indigo]

Alhagi 8'28
(Merdoum Kings play Songs of Love) [World Circuit]

Abdel Gadir SALIM .... Sudan
Al Noam Djafani 8'20
(Sounds of Sudan) [World Circuit]

Femi KUTI .... Nigeria
Nawa 8'39
(Femi Kuti) [Tabu]

Pépé KALLÉ .... Congo
Pon Moun Paka Bougé ~5'00
(Gigant Afrique) [Globe Style]
Congolese superstar pepe kalle died of a heart attack in Kinshasa on Saturday Nov 28 according to a newspaper report. Known as the "Elephant of Congolese Music" because of his stature, he was one of the few national stars who chose not to emigrate. He was to have toured Europe to support his latest hit release "Cocktail" in the coming months.

CIRCUSHEAD .... Australia
Whale Song 2 4'27
(Crockery Smashing) [Way Over There]

Louisa JOHN-KROL .... Australia
The Valley of the Seven Keys 6'20
(Alexandria) [Shaping's Well - independent]

Thierry ROBIN .... France
(a) "Tona del Lobo" 4'43
vocals - Paco El Lobo
(b) Los Tanguillos 4'39
vocals - Joseph & Amar Saadna
(Payo Michto) [Silex]
The title is a reference of the mixture of gypsy and non-gypsy (payo) musicians who collaborate on this concert recording.

Thierry ROBIN ....France
Kicsi kicsi kém 5'38
(Le regard nu - The Naked Look) [Auvidis / Silex]
Portraits of women. Oud and bouzouki played while "viewing" live nude models. The intermittent interjections in Hungarian on this piece are seductive and suggestive things like - "tell me a story, come to me, come inside" etc...

Nimbia Song 9'16
(Voices From Long Distance) [CNR Music / Sonart]
You may have seen this group in the opening scenes of the film "Latcho Drom".

MUSICIANS of the NILE .... Egypt
Bitnadini Tani Lih 5'59
(Charcoal Gypsies) [Real World]
(L'épopée tzigane - Road of the Gypsies) [Network]

Adel SALAMEH (oud) & K. SRIDHAR (sarod) .... Palestine / India
Inspiration ~15'00
(The Arab Path to India) [WOMAD Select]
Collaborative improvisation in concert.

Ustad Badar Ali KHAN .... Pakistan
Everyday I Look At Your Picture 14'09
(Lost in Qawwali 2) [Triloka]
The latest release from one of the young cousins of the late Nusrat. No recording date given.