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#504 - Wedding songs from many cultures

Program 504

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Petros KYRIACOU .... Macedonia / Australia
I see the bridal chamber 4'36
(Byzantine Hymns of the Holy Week and Easter) [Mabuhay]
Chants from the Greek Orthodox Church

The HABIBIS .... Australia / Greece
Together (rain or shine) 5'48
(Intoxication) [Festival]

Michael MELAMBIOTIS & APODIMI COMPANIA .... Greece / Australia
Kriti Mou 4'07
(Music Deli: In The Can) [ABC Music]

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE .... Crete / Australia
Wedding Song 3'29
(Arakos) [Hi-Gloss / mds]

Singer - Khan MOHAMMAD, Players - Aqi PISHAK & Mohammad OMAR .... Afghanistan
Wedding Song 2'48
(Human Voice & Lutes in the World of Islam) [Topic]

Ali Hassan KUBAN .... Sudan
Bettitogor Agil 6'00
(Walk Like a Nubian) [Piranha]
Imagine paying for a wedding where thousands of relatives roll along for seven days of making whoopee. The success of Ali Hassan KUBAN is partly due to adopting the jerk dance style that James Brown exploited, dramatically speeding up and urbanising the rural Nubian rhythms, and fusing all this with the kaf, a pogo circular dance where men and women can mix freely at the wedding.

Hamza El DIN .... Sudan
Ollin Arageed 8'00
(Eclipse) [Ryko]
A compulsory Nubian wedding rhythm of clapping, frame-drums and dancing, enhanced by the gentle jingle of womens jewellery.

Unknown .... Morocco
Moroccan wedding song 2'28
(Passion - Sources) [Real World]

BABENZÉLÉ PYGMIES .... Central Africa
Wedding Song 3'36
(Bayaka) [Ellipsis Arts]

Marta SEBESTYÉN and MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
Wedding in Füzes Village 9'33
(Morning Star) [Hannibal]

RUSTAVI CHOIR .... Georgia
Maqruli 2'41
(Heroic Songs & Hymns from Georgia) [Shanachie]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta 5'08
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
(a) Laulutyttö 3'32
(b) Uskottu ei Uupuvani 5'05
(Vihma) [Wicklow / BMG]
The latest from this Finnish pop group. The second item here includes the voices of Albert KUVEZIN and Aldyn-ool SEVEK from the Tuvan group YAT-KHA

TULIPAN .... Australia
Stasia 5'58
(Manic Celeste) [Festival]

MARA! .... Australia
Lambkin 7'15
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus]

Zelijko BRADARA .... Bosnia / Australia
Flandrija 4'54
(Slobode Nedokucive - Freedom Unreachable) [independent]
Zeljko arrived in Melbourne 2 years ago. This is his first recording here, a CD-EP of intelligent acoustic/rock-style material, with bilingual cover notes and lyrics.

Dursun ACAR .... Kurdistan / Australia
Limine Le Zine 5'00
(Music of Kurdistan) [Mabuhay]
About a little girl who lost her family as the result of chemical warfare.

The KAMKARS .... Iran / Kurdistan
Kolan bâ kolan 7'18
(Voices From Long Distance) [CNR Music / Sonart]

Roamn Oyun Havasi 6'27
Milko ~2'00
(L'épopée tzigane - Road of the Gypsies) [Network]
A double-CD set celebrating Romani music.