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Program 503

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Steve SHEHAN .... USA/France
Dunia Jana 5'20
(Safar) [Al Sur]

AL JAÏMA .... Morocco/Spain
Gnawa 4'12
(Yamna) [Several]
Arabic pop music from the south of Spain

Go, God Must Bless You 6'07
(Jajouka Black Eyes) [Le coeur du monde]

AL JAÏMA .... Morocco/Spain
Pregúntame 3'56
(Yamna) [Several]

Unknown .... Mali
N'Gakalenba 3'07
(KAMALE NGONI - Kelea) [Indigo]
A Wassoulou compilation

Cesaria EVORA .... Cape Verde
Regresso 3'33
(Cabo Verde) [BMG]

D'GARY .... Madagascar
(a) Mibaby Diavolana 3'44
(b) Mare Rano 5'26
(Mbo Loza) [Indigo]

Louisa JOHN-KROL .... Australia
(a) Talim Ridge 2'01
(b) Belarmino's Dictionary 2'54
(Alexandria) [Shaping's Well - independent]

Steve SHEHAN .... USA/France
Safar 4'38
(Safar) [Al Sur]

Mohammed Reza LOTFI .... Iran
Mahur (dastgah) 40'10
(Mystery of Love) [Kereshmeh]
A concert performance given in Copenhagen in April 1994. Despite the length, this piece is highly varied and wholly engaging. Lotfi sings and plays the setar here, and tar on other piece on this CD. The tar is the double-bodied brother/sister of the setar but with three double-course strings (not to be confused with the tar drum of Arabic music). With Lotfi is Mohammed Ghavihelm on tombak (goblet drum) and duf (frame drum).

Yusuf ISLAM .... UK
(a) Tala'a al-Badru Alayna 5'20
(b) The Life of the Last Prophet excerpt 3'35
(The Life of the Last Prophet) [Mountain of Light]
The feature of this album is the story disc that includes readings of sacred verses of the Qur'an, which is very tastefully and respectfully produced. Did I hear correctly that Mr. Islam was considering recording as Cat Stevens again?

Philip GLASS .... USA
Mosque and Temple 4'42
(Powaqqatsi) [Elektra Nonesuch]
I was shocked when the main anthem from this film score appeared in Peter Weir's latest film "The Truman Show".

James Gordon ANDERSON .... Australia
Concorde II ~7'00
(Concorde) [independent]
A lush yet very sparse ambient chamber production: Michael Kieran HARVEY piano, Kirsten WILLIAMS violin, Carl ROSMAN clarinet, Tim O'DWYER saxophone.