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Program 501

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

FARAWAY .... Australia
The Boatman 6'15
(Far From the Madding Crowd) [Resurgence]
Liz Van Dort & Harry Williamson

Come with me to the sacred mountain 10'25
(Eallin) [Antilles]
A live album with Roger LUDVIGSEN featured here on guitar

Geoffrey ORYEMA .... Uganda / UK
Lapwony 6'50
Jean-Pierre Alarcen on electric guitar

Nayim ALAL .... Western Sahara / Algeria
(a) Bleida 3'46
(b) Dios MÍo 4'22
(Saharauis 4 CD set - 3 AUDIO, 1 CD-ROM for Windows 95 or NT) [NubeNegra]

Thierry ROBIN ....France
Pañolero 5'50
(Kali Gadji) [Auvidis / Silex]

The HABIBIS .... Australia
(a) The Only Son 6'18
(b) Thrash 3'54
(Intoxication) [Festival]

Viviana GUZMÁN .... USA
Lagrimas de Mariposa 7'04
(Planet Flute) [Well-Tempered]
Despite the boring album title and stupid CD cover with Guzmán in a topless pose holding her flute, this is quite a presentable and atmospheric all-acoustic melange, with didgeridoo and percussion. There is definitely a pattern of meaningless art direction emerging with this label.

Philip GLASS, Conducted by Michael REISMAN .... USA
Distraught 2'56
(Kundun) [Point]
with Gyütö monks.
This is the soundtrack album to the Martin Scorsese film about the 14th Dalai Lama.

Chögyal Namkhai Norbu RINPOCHE .... Tibet
The Practice of Chöd 3'34
(Chöd: Cutting Through Dualism) [Amiata]

Choying DROLMA & Steve TIBBETTS .... Tibet / USA
Kyandro Semkye 3'08
(Chö) [Ryko]

Monks from the SERA JE MONASTERY .... Tibet
Auspicious verses of the secret Haja Griva 3'34
(Monlam) [Amiata]

GYÜTÖ MONKS - Members of the TIBETAN INSTITUTE of PERFORMING ARTS .... Dharamsala (Tibetans in exile)
Mahakala 5'50
(Dhama Suna) [Detour]
This week there are Gyütö monks completing a beautiful sand mandala in the National Gallery of Victoria. Watching the process highlights its emphermeral nature. It is for me much like a musical performance - a unique rendition reliant on the human experience and the nature of memory.

Viviana GUZMÁN .... USA
Forest Voices 8'17
(Planet Flute) [Well-Tempered]

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE .... Crete / Australia
My Mind The Boatman 4'51
(Arakos) [Hi-Gloss / mds]

Al Di MEOLA .... USA
The Infinite Desire 5'25
(The Infinite Desire) [Telarc]
Guest Italian pop star Pino Daniele

Paco DÍEZ .... Spain
Entradilla de Amor 4'30
(Más que un Oficio) [Several]

Abed AZRIÉ & Pedro ALEDO .... Syria / Spain
Suerte 4'24
(Suerte) [Harmonia Mundi]
Delicious arab and flamenco chamber ensembles drawing on 11th Century Andalusian poems.