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Program 498

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Abed AZRIÉ & Pedro ALEDO .... Syria / Spain
Sabio Amigo 8'14
(Suerte) [Harmonia Mundi]
Delicious arab and flamenco chamber ensembles drawing on 11th Century Andalusian poems.

Enrique MORENTE .... Spain
Crisol 4'41
(Negra, si tú supieras) [Nuevos Medios]

Cross Crusader 5'53
(English Renaissance) [Coda]

Mario LATTUADA & Robert BRATETICH .... Australia
Aftertouch 4'32
(El Fuego) [independent]
A very spanish-flavoured release from two fine Melbourne guitarists.

Rabih ABOU-KHALIL ... Lebanon
Haneen Wa Hanaan 8'00
(Tarab) [Enja]

Thierry 'Titi' ROBIN .... France
Mehdi 8'00
(Payo Michto) [Silex]
The title is a reference of the mixture of gypsy and non-gypsy (payo) musicians who collaborate on this concert recording.

Thierry ROBIN ....France
(a) Prelude 0'39
(b) Portrait with Oranges 3'29
(Le regard nu - The Naked Look) [Auvidis / Silex]
Portraits of women. Oud and bouzouki played while "viewing" live models.

Thierry ROBIN ....France
(a) Lovari 4'05
(b) Anita 5'12
(Kali Gadji) [Auvidis / Silex]

Las Cuevas 5'07
(Temporal) [World Circuit]

ROSANA .... Spain
A Fuego Lento 3'45
(Lunas Rotas) [MCA]

SONGHAI - KETAMA, José SOTO, Tuomani DIABATE .... Spain, Mali, UK
De la noche a la mañana 4'53
(Songhai 2) [Hannibal]

Abed AZRIÉ & Pedro ALEDO .... Syria / Spain
(a) Entre tus manos 6'11
(b) Vida y muerte 1'59
(c) Dano y alivo 3'30
(Suerte) [Harmonia Mundi]

El Kacimi MOHAMED - leader & violin etc .... Morocco
Rashdfa 7'22
(Al-Andalus, Andalusian Music: Music of Islam Vol.7) [Celestial Harmonies]

Habib GUEROUMMI .... France
'Inqilabat Pt.1 5'24
(Musique Arabo-Andalouse) [Playasound]
Beautiful sung poetry (all given in the cover notes) with a fine androgynous voice, and oud accompaniment.

Luis DELGADO .... Spain
(a) Balansiya 3'13
(b) El Saludo 5'44
(El Sueño de Al-Zaqqâq) [NubeNEGRA]
Very moorish flavours. Delgado plays a big range of lutes and percussion from both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar. He is joined vocalists Aurora MORENO & Mohamed El Arabí SERGHINI. Also Omar Metioui, Eduardo PANIAGUA, Jaime MUÑOZ, Carlos BECEIRO & Javier BERGIA.