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Program 497

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Hassan HAKMOUN .... Morocco / USA
Bakitini 5'01
(Life Around The World) [Alula]

Alemu AGA .... Ethiopia
Abatatchin Hoy 3'31
(The Harp of King David / Voices From Long Distance) [Long Distance / Sonart]
Accompanying the singing is an ancient giant buzzy 10-string lyre called a begenna.

Mahmoud AHMED ....Ethiopia
Bemin Sebab Litlash 4'31
(Ere Mela Mela) [Hannibal]

Seleshe DAMESSAE .... Ethiopia
Ere Belew 5'55
(Tesfaye: A Future Hope) [Music of the World]
A gentle disc of music for voice and krar, a 6-string lyre

Om KALSOUM .... Egypt
Ya Messaharni 14'00
(Ya Messaharni) [Sono Cairo]

Moulay Abdellah Ben Hassaine - Moulay Brahim 4'12
(Gnawa Music of Marrakesh) [Axiom]
A duo featuring Mustapha Baqbou

Hassan HAKMOUN with Carole ROWLEY .... Morocco / USA
The Sun Is Gone 4'53
(Trance) [Real World]
An acappella highlight from this otherwise patchy CD.

Hassan HAKMOUN .... Morocco / USA
(a) Allah 5'29
(b) Chabakouni 1 6'21
(Life Around The World) [Alula]

Dembo KONTE & Kausu KUYATE .... Gambia, Senegal
Saliya 6'33
(Kairaba Jabi) [Rogue]

Sanougue KOUYATE .... Mali
Balendala Djibe 6'39
(Balendala Djibe) [Mango]
with Keletigui Diabate on balafon

Yoshiaki OCHI .... Japan
Urban Kogili 6'42
(Natural Sonic) [Newsic]

Unknown .... Bali / Indonesia
Gender Wayang 6'35
(Music From the Morning Of The World) [Elektra Nonesuch]
Recorded by David LEWISTON in 1966. Music to accompany wayang kulit shadow puppet play.

Paul SCHÜTZE .... Australia / UK
(a) The Rapture of Metals 7'02
(The Rapture of Metals) [SDV]
(b) The Velvet Horizon 5'40
(New Maps of Hell) [Extreme]
Paul had hoped to release these albums as a double CD. The second piece features Australian trombone player Simone de Haan, once part of an impressive contemporary music chamber group playing in Melbourne called "Pipeline". The group included Daryl Pratt and Phil Treloar, with the renowned pianist Michael Kieran Harvey.

PIPELINE .... Australia
Beta Globin DNA 8'46
A piece by Martin Wesley Smith. Suggest you look through the Tall Poppies catalogue for a CD by Pipeline. They have an impressive searchable website designed by composer Carl Vine.