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Program 495

Guest presenter: Mike Glover


ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

David Murray .... US-Senegal
Abdul Aziz Sy
(Fo Deuk Revue) [Justintime]
NY urban sax goes to Dakar!

Hector Zazou .... France-Iceland
Visur vatnsenda-rosu
(Songs from the cold seas) [Columbia]
Featuring the voice of Bjork

Hector Zazou .... France/Ireland
Oran na maighdean mhara
(Songs from the cold seas) [Columbia]
This one with Catherine-ann Macphee

Pierre Bensusan - Didier Malherbe .... France
(Live In Paris) [Zebra]
Recorded March 97

State of Bengal .... UK-Pakistan-Canada
Shadow remix
(Star rise) [Realworld]
Nusrat-Brooks remixed - sacrilege!

Eliseo Parra .... Spain
Suite del rebollar
(Tribus Hispanus) [MSF]
Traditional tunes in a contemporary setting

Carte de sejour .... France-Arabic
(Orient de luxe) [Piranha]
Compilation from Berlin festival

Al Jaima .... Morocco-Spain
(Yamna) [Several]
Moorish "poppy" band

The Habibis .... Australia-Greece
Together (rain or shine)
(Intoxication) [Festival]
Beautifully produced part film score

The Necks .... Oz
The sleep of champions
(The Boys) [Wildsound]
More film music- eerily brilliant

Canzoniere Grecanico salentino .... Italy
Ni pizzecau lu core
(Ballati tutti quanti ballati forte) [Dunya]
Trad from the Salento region

Ghorwane .... Mozambique
(Kudumba) [Piranha]
Great dance music

Rabi Abou Kahlil .... Lebanon-US
The Sphinx and I
(Odd times) [Enja]
Oud playing the blues- odd times!

Ketil Bjornstad - David Darling .... Scandinavia
(The River) [ECM]
Will Ketil become a household name? (sorry)

Coolangubra .... Oz
Long red road
(Storm coming) [PJHO]
Eclectic electric viola

Steve Shehan .... US-France
(Arrows) [Made to measure]
Great sheets of sound