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Program 493

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

LOITUMA .... Finland
Viimesen Kerran 3'10
(Things of Beauty) [Northside]
A young group combining Finnish vocal music with the kantele (Finnish harp). They won Band of the Year at the 1997 Kaustinen Folk Festival.

Eligah MANGITAK & Qaunnaq MIKIGAK .... Canada
Iha'ia 1'38
(Songs of the Inuit) [JVC]
Inuit song in friendly competition includes using your opponents mouth as a resonating cavity, the general idea being to win by making your opponent tire first, or make them fall about laughing. The most significant cover-note points to the fact that this traditional game has remained unchanged in recent times because of the parallel preservation of the Inuit language.

Elisha KILABUK, Koomoot NOOVEYA (and Hector ZAZOU) .... Greenland
Song of the Water 2'39
(Songs From The Cold Seas) [Columbia]

ANGELIN TYTÖT ....Saamiland
Golbma Irkki - 3 Bridegrooms 2'35
(Strictly Worldwide x 3) [Piranha]

Annbjørg LIEN ....Norway
Luseblus 3'33
(Prisme) [Grappa]

Räven 3'24
(Trä) [Silence]
A rather interesting hard-edged folky group with medieval leanings.

BANABILA & SAKA ... The Netherlands
Dark 3'38
(Nightmirror) [independent]

Lioudmila KHANDI (and Hector ZAZOU) .... Yakutsk (Siberia)
Yakut Song 3'32
(Songs From The Cold Seas) [Columbia]

Reilly LEE (and SYNERGY) .... Australia
Dawn - Hour of the Dragon 6'24
(Matsuri) [Celestial Harmonies]

Jim SHUM .... Taiwan
The Quiet Boat 3'42
(Music For Films) [Character Music]
Music for the film "Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty"

Listening to the Wind in the Pines 3'10
(Listening to the Wind in the Pines) [Mabuhay]
This piece is just solo erhu.

Forrest FANG .... USA
(a) The Dragon King's Advice 4'26
(b) Falling Stones 4'26
(b) An Offering of Wood 6'01
(Folklore) [Cuneiform]

Philip GLASS, Conducted by Michael REISMAN .... USA
Sand Mandala 4'04
(Kundun) [Point]
with Dhondup Namgyal Khorko - Tibetan horns and cymbals.
This is the soundtrack album to the Martin Scorsese film about the 14th Dalai Lama.

Igor KOSHKENDEY and musicians .... Tuva
Dingeladen 3'15
(Music of Tuva) [Amiata]

Philip GLASS, Conducted by Michael REISMAN .... USA
Choosing 2'12
(Kundun) [Point]

Venerable THICH PHOUC TAN .... Vietnam / Australia
Prayer for Harmony and Peace 3'23
(Buddhist Prayer for Harmony and Liberation) [Mabuhay]

WARGA SINTU GUNUNG .... Lombok, Indonesia
Barong Roncang 9'10
(Be Not Afraid to Strike The Gong) [Indonesian Arts Society]

PHO CUT NYAK DHIN .... Aceh Province, Sumatra / Indonesia
Ratép Meuseukat 4'50
(Muslim Music of Indonesia - Aceh and West Sumatra: Music of Islam Vol.15 - 2 CD set) [Celestial Harmonies]

George TELEK .... Papua New Guinea
Lili 4'13
(Telek) [Origin]

Yellow Earth 4'40
(Claim) [Mighty Boy]

PNG Cultural Group ....Papua New Guinea / Australia
Teina Weku / Samba 2'32
(Kulluka: Where Our Roots Lie) [Sandstock]
A compilation of Australian performances of non-western music. Everything from South African marabi to Japanese koto and Aboriginal artists. Highly recommended.

Janette GERI .... Australia
No Kindness 4'31
(Secret of the West Wind) [Newmarket]

Murmur Mutanta 7'52
(Majoun) [Sony Classical]