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Program 492

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

(a) Maria Vieira do NASCIMENTO .... Brazil
Chamada do Aricury, Praiá ceremony 5'08
(b) GRUPO CÔCO de TAMBAÚ .... Brazil
Ingate do vapô ia 1'34
(The Discoteca Collection - Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas) [Ryko]
This CD features rescued acetate field recordings c.1938

Sergio MENDES .... Brazil
featuring Carlinhos BROWN & VAI QUEM VEM
Magalenha 3'35
(Brasileiro) [Elektra]

BAHIA BLACK .... Brazil / USA
Capitão Do Asfalto 5'31
(Ritual Beating System) [Axiom]

GRUPO di TAMBOR de MINA .... Brazil
O Mina Terê Terê 1'34
(The Discoteca Collection - Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas) [Ryko]

Maria BETHANIA & Gal COSTA ....Brazil
Sonho Meu - Dream of Mine 2'49
(Brazil Classics Vol.1) [Fly / Sire]
Just one of many David Byrne compilations.

David BYRNE .... USA
Carnival Eyes 4'02
(Rei Momo) [Sire]

Ray Periera's BONGO FURY .... Australia
Abidjan 2'22
(Home) [independent]

CACIQUE .... Australia
Vida 2'57
(Nadie Como Tu) [Mabuhay]

INKA MARKA .... Australia
Malacun Wawapa 2'57
(Nadie Como Tu) [Mabuhay]

Alfirio CRISTALDO .... Australia
Arriving in Melbourne 2'28
(Paraguayan Harp) [Mabuhay]

Guillermo PORTABALES .... Cuba
Junto a un Cañaveral 3'11
(El Carretero) [World Circuit]
This is a beautiful album of fine stereo recordings from the latter part of the 42 year musical career of this extraordinary singer and guitarist, a life cut short by a car accident in 1970.

Cachito Pa'Huele 6'40

LA BOTTINE SOURIANTE .... Quebec, Canada
(a) Le reel des soucoupes volantes 2'34
(La Mistrine) [Mille-Pattes]
(b) Picoro 5'26
(A Week in the Real World) [Real World]

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
The Highwayman 10'19
(The Book of Secrets) [Quinlan Road]

Marta SEBESTYÉN ....Hungary
Devoiko Mome 4'44
(Kismet) [Hannibal]

Zelijko BRADARA .... Bosnia / Australia
Flandrija 4'54
(Slobode Nedokucive - Freedom Unreachable) [independent]
Zeljko arrived in Melbourne 2 years ago. This is his first recording here, a CD-EP of intelligent acoustic/rock-style material, with bilingual cover notes and lyrics.

TARAF de HAÏDOUKS .... Romania
Chronicle of a Peasant Uprising 7'37
(Honourable Brigands, Magic Horses & Evil Eye) [Crammed]

Romica PUCEANU .... Romania
Erau zarzarii-nfloriti 5'33
(L'épopée tzigane - Road of the Gypsies - 2 CD set) [Network]

Gevorg DABAGIAN .... Armenia
The trees are in bloom 4'20
(Music of Armenia Vol.3 - Duduk) [Celestial Harmonies]
Part of the series produced by David PARSONS.

The KAMKARS .... Iran / Kurdistan
Kolan bâ kolan 7'18
(Voices From Long Distance) [CNR Music / Sonart]

Radio Balkana 5'05
(Strictly World-Wide x 5) [Piranha]