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Program 491

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Dursun ACAR .... Kurdistan / Australia
Koye Dersim 4'23
(Music of Kurdistan) [Mabuhay]

Rafat MISSO & Hossam RAMZY ....Egypt / UK
Sallam Allay - My Beloved Greeted Me 5'19
(Ahlamy) [ARC Music]
Ever heard a quarter-tone saxophone? I love it when a talented person can effortlessly make an instrument do something it was never really designed to do.

Hossam RAMZY
Source of Fire 7'40
(Source Of Fire) [ARC Music]
Featuring Samy El-BABLY on trumpet.

Farhang'e A'Vam 2'33
(Music of Iran: Music of Islam Vol.12) [Celestial Harmonies]

Dastgah Chahargah (opening 3 parts) 15'00
(Nowruz - Traditional & Classical Music from Persia and Kurdistan) [World Network]

Dursun ACAR .... Kurdistan / Australia
Kizilguller Aginca 4'36
(Music of Kurdistan) [Mabuhay]

ZULYA .... Tatarstan / Australia
Gidegan Chishma 2'54
(Journey of Voice) [independent]
Zulya now lives in Hobart, and says that she has been inspired by the cultural diversity that Australia offers. Hence her disc has a wide range of material from across the globe. Highly recommended.

Petros KYRIACOU .... Macedonia / Australia
I see the bridal chamber 4'36
(Byzantine Hymns of the Holy Week and Easter) [Mabuhay]
Chants from the Greek Orthodox Church

Igne KITANOVSKY .... Macedonia / Australia
Kucano Oro 4'47
(Oro - Macedonian Accordian Dance Music) [Mabuhay]

Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
Shadow Magnet 7'20
(Duality) [4AD]

Paolo MODUGNO ....Italy
Morte di Sundiata Keita 10'40
(Le Bala et la Mouche) [Newtone / Robi Droli]

Hukwe ZAWOSE .... Tanzania
Tuna haki ya kujivunia utamaduni wetu 8'44
(The Art of Hukwe Zawose - CD Ethnic Sound Series 36) [JVC Japan]
A Japanese recording that includes a couple of songs from "Mateso". It has a much more spacious ambient sound. The other members of his ensemble are Dickson MKWAMA & Lubeleje CHIUTE.

Valanga KHOZA .... South Africa / Australia
Rimani 4'04
(The Journey) [Mabuhay]

(a) The Funeral Song 1'42
(b) Wangal' Unozipho 3'20
("The Power of One" - Soundtrack) [Elektra]
These are the vocal highlights of this soundtrack from Hans ZIMMER.

Machanic MANYERUKE .... Zimbabwe
Ndiani Achandindza 3'30
(Machanic Manyeruke and the Puritans) [Cooking Vinyl]
In-your-face gospel.

Moses Taiwa MOLELEKWA .... South Africa
Bo Molelekwa 6'08
(Jazzin' Universally) [B&W]
A "various artists" CD of jazz performers from South Africa.

Femi KUTI .... Nigeria
Wonder Wonder 6'02
(Femi Kuti) [Tabu]
Femi's father Fela died one year ago. He'll be remembered for having guts, to express through his music how he felt about a range of political and social injustices, regardless of the personal consequences.