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Program 487

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Philip GLASS, Conducted by Michael REISMAN .... USA
Norbu Plays 2'09
(Kundun) [Point]

Mark HOLLIS .... UK
Watershed 5'36
(Mark Hollis) [Polydor UK]
I presume this "solo" album from ex-Talk Talk singer/guitarist was recorded at home. There are many occassions where the rather loud background ambience becomes intrusive. If you liked the last two Talk Talk albums, you won't be disappointed, although this is never as intense.

Michael BROOK & U. SRINIVAS .... Canada / India
Dance 12'00
(Dream) [Real World]

Iarla Ó LIONÁRD .... Ireland
Caoineadh Na dTrÍ Mhuire - Lament at Calvary 7'30
(The Seven Steps To Mercy) [Real World]

BAKA BEYOND .... UK / Senegal / Ghana
Cotu 6'39
(Journey Between) [Hannibal]
Afro-celtic fusion. A lot of the musical ideas here are stretched beyond their limit, so I got bored with this album very quickly. An objective producer is required.

Alan LAMB .... Australia
Meditation on SPring8 8'00
(Night Passage) [Dorobo]
Eolian wire music recorded live near Kobe in Japan, at the opening of one the worlds largest cyclotrons!

THIKSÉ MONKS .... Ladakh
Morning Ritual 6'30
(Musique du toit du monde) [Playasound]

GYÜTÖ MONKS - Members of the TIBETAN INSTITUTE of PERFORMING ARTS .... Dharamsala (Tibetans in exile)
Yamantaka 4'53
(Dhama Suna) [Detour - Erato]

Choying DROLMA & Steve TIBBETTS .... Tibet / USA
Kangyi Tengi 6'25
(Chö) [Ryko]

Members of the TIBETAN INSTITUTE of PERFORMING ARTS .... Dharamsala (Tibetans in exile)
Dhama Suna 2'00
(Dhama Suna) [Detour]
This piece is performed at the Dalai Lama's court during the New Year Festival.

Philip GLASS, Conducted by Michael REISMAN .... USA
(a) Sand Mandala 4'04
(b) Northern Tibet 3'17
(c) Choosing 2'12
(Kundun) [Point]
with Dhondup Namgyal Khorko - Tibetan horns and cymbals.
This is the soundtrack album to the Martin Scorsese film about the 14th Dalai Lama, seen through his eyes. It is indeed a shame that major film distributors recoiled at the possibility of losing Chinese markets, because this is superlative cinema. It looks sumptuous in setting, style and design. Orchestrated lighting changes enhance and condense ritual sequences when combined with seamless editing and multiple dissolves. The cast is competently directed, however the film is not perfect with the scenes in Peking lacking some credibility, and there is too much use of music. Definitely a must-see movie though.

Mark HOLLIS .... UK
The Daily Planet 7'09
(Mark Hollis) [Polydor UK]

John Cope 4'35
(I Believe in You CD single 1988) [Parlophone]

VILAMBIT 6 .... Australia
No Excuse 9'22
(Self-titled cassette) [independent]
Ria SOEMARDJO is the singer, Brian MAY tabla, Josie LEVY violin & Kelly RYALL guitar.

Nimbia Song 9'16
(Voices From Long Distance) [CNR Music / Sonart]
You may have seen this group in the opening scenes of the film "Latcho Drom".

Bikram GHOSH .... India
Drut Teentala 9'57
(Talking Tabla) [Music of the World]