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Program 485

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Maria KALANIEMI .... Finland
Sofias Flight 2'58
(Iho) [Hannibal]

TULIPAN .... Australia
(a) Lunar Rave 2'54
(b) Red Moon 2'57
(Tulipan EP) [independent]

Eric MARCHAND and Le Taraf de Caransebes .... France / Roumania
Madame la Frontière / Otrov mi dajte 9'06
(Sag an ten ell) [Silex]
with guest Thierry ROBIN on bouzouki

Nicolai GUTSA .... Roumania
Sukar Cadea-e-ghili 4'38
(The Greatest Living Gypsy Voice) [Silex]

Ovdoviala Lissitchkata 2'48
(Mystery of the Bulgarian Voice Vol.2) [Disques Cellier]
Used on one of the ABC-TV "draw-the-logo-in-the-air" station IDs. Recorded in 1957!

The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE & HUUN-HUUR-TU .... Bulgaria / Tuva
Lonely Bird 10'57
(Fly, Fly My Sadness) [Shanachie 64071]
A fabulous combination of cultures, and mostly fine contemporary compositions from Mikhail ALPERIN.

MARA ! .... Australia
(a) Povik Ot Lug 6'17
(Sezoni) [Rufus]
INTEVIEW with Mara KIEK about the band's current projects, and performance/workshop in Melbourne next Sunday.
(b) The Big Dance 2'30
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus]

XYLOSAX .... Australia
Pongi Thongi 4'10
(On The Spot) [indpendent]
A rather different project led by the irrepressible Linsey POLLAK who is well known for his work in the multicultural ensemble SLIVANJE. The other members of XYLOSAX are Ali ADAMS, Jessica AINSWORTH & Mik MOORE.

Nikola PAROV .... Hungary
Anonymn 7'44
(Kilim) [Hannibal]
A funky-jazzy Balkan style mixture with other instrumentalists from the Riverdance project. The occassional vocals are a little too wild for me, but it is an interesting fusion.

Michael LIVETT & Anne NORMAN .... Australia
Distant Horizon 8'58
(Driftwood) [AMN Productions / Niche]
Delicate and improvisatory music using shakuhachi, didjeridu, guitar, dan tranh, kalimba, ocarina, bells and dumbek.

NADOYA Music and Dance Company .... Australia
Passage of Time 5'40
(Kagome) [independent / Niche]
A fabulous blend of musical influence and instrumentation, developed for butoh movement art and contemporary dance forms. The music is the work of Anne NORMAN - shakuhachi, bowls, Vietnamese oboe etc., Peter NEVILLE - percussion inc. steel drums, music box & drum kit, Satsuki ODAMURA - koto, Michael HEWES - bass guitar. The voices are provided by the dancers Yumi UMIUMARE, Tony YAP and Lynne SANTOS.

Tenzing TSEWANG .... Tibet / Australia
The Cuckoo's Presence 2'33
(The Cuckoo's Presence) [independent / Niche]
Georgeous reverberant bamboo flute.

Mike RUDD & Bill PUTT ....Australia
Kneedeep 4'20
(Living on a Volcano) [independent / Distributed by MDS & Niche]

Ian CHAPLIN, Sam KEAVERS, Scott LAMBIE, Phillip REX .... Australia
Off You Go 5'30
(Ears For Civil Engines) [Jazz Head]

Maria KALANIEMI .... Finland
Säde 4'26
(Iho) [Hannibal]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
Kylä Vuotti Uutta Kuuta 5'08
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet]