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Program 483

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Andreas VOLLENWEIDER & Eliza GILKYSON ....Switzerland
Jaden Maiden 4'05
(Eolian Minstrel) [SBK]

VILAMBIT 6 .... Australia
Great Grandmother Song 9'00
(Self-titled cassette) [independent]
A strange name for a group of 4, but I recommend you go to one of their gigs to buy a tape if nothing else! - Ria SOEMARDJO is the singer, Brian MAY tabla, Josie LEVY violin & Kelly RYALL guitar.

During and around the interview with ...
Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
(a) Shadow Magnet 7'20
(b) Forest Veil 2'30
(Duality) [4AD]
(c) Awakening 2'15
(The Human Game CD single) [4AD]
This piece come from a film by Ivana Massetti called "Nadro". Neither appears on the newly released "Duality" album. You can listen to the interview with RealPlayer 5. (28.8k modem or better. There has been some minimal editing that does not affect the context or basic content.)

(a) "The TAHITIAN CHOIR" .... Rapa Iti
Himene Tarava 2'31
Unique glissandi choral singing.
(b) Unknown .... Fiji
Meke Wesi Spear Dance 3'25
(Spirit of Polynesia) [Saydisc]

Bendaly - T'BOLI people of Mindanao .... Philippines
Call of the cicada 1'44
(Utom: Summoning the Spirit - Music in the T'Boli Heartland) [Ryko]

Yoshiaki OCHI .... Japan
Woods From The Sea 2'42
(Natural Sonic) [Newsic]

Danilo KASAW - T'BOLI people of Mindanao .... Philippines
Sound of the Wind 2'42
(Utom: Summoning the Spirit - Music in the T'Boli Heartland) [Ryko]

SPK - Graeme REVELL .... Australia
The Garden of Earthly Delights 3'17
(Zamia Lehmanni - Songs of Byzantine Flowers) [Side Effects / Mute]

Thierry ROBIN ....France
Visions of Ladan, Absence 3'36
(Le regard nu - The Naked Look) [Auvidis / Silex]

RUSTAVI CHOIR .... Georgia
Kviria 4'22
(Heroic Songs & Hymns from Georgia) [Shanachie]

Irina MIKHAILOVA .... Kasakhstan / USA
Uz ty Vanga 6'56
(Russian Twilight) [Well-Tempered]

Maharajapuram V. SANTHANAM .... India
Rama Ninu Nammina - Raga Mohanam 14'50
(Maharajapuram V. Santhanam) [Music Today]
This man represents the fifth generation of disciples in his lineage, devoted to compositions of the great Karnatic composer Thyagaraja (1767-1847). These "budget" non-Dolby non-pirate cassettes from this New Delhi label are surprisingly good quality.

Saltanah 8'23
(Saltanah) [Water Lily Acoustics]

Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
Jungabyn 4'02
(The Human Game CD single) [4AD]
Again, from the film "Nadro".