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Program 482

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Heading To Glory 4'34
(In Pursuit of Shashamane Land) [On-U-Sound]

Bachir ATTAR ....Morocco
Full Moon at the Window 5'55
(The Next Dream) [CMP]

The MASTER MUSICIANS of JAJOUKA with Bachir ATTAR ....Morocco
Memories of my father 7'17
(Apocalypse Across the Sky) [Axiom]

Khalifa Ould EIDE & Dimi Mint ABBA .... Mauritania
The Tortoise's Song 7'55
(Moorish Music From Mauritania) [World Circuit]
A brilliant disc of music rarely recorded. Moorish musicians in Islamic Mauritania are known as iggawin, comparable to the griots of Mali. The first half of the disc features the ardin (a 14 string relative of the kora) and the tidinit, a small lute similar to the ngoni. The electric guitar comes into play later. Some pieces feature clapping as you would hear in Gnawi music from Morocco.

Oumou SANGARE .... Mali
Mani Djindala 6'12
(Ko Sira) [World Circuit]

Hamza SHAKUR and the AL-KINDI ENSEMBLE .... Syria
Gharî ° alä s-sulwân Qâdir 5'20
(Sufi Songs fo Damascus) [Long Distance]

Lotfi JORMANA Group .... Tunisia
Mawal 4'29
(Folkloric Music of Tunisia: Music of Islam Vol.8) [Celestial Harmonies]

SOUTH SINAI BEDOUINS - Selim SELIMAN, musical director, lead voice, oud, simsimiyya .... Egypt
Allah Ani Talabtak Ma Talabt al-Bakhil 3'44
(Music of the South Sinai Bedouins: Music of Islam Vol.2) [Celestial Harmonies]

Daniel HUAN .... Roti, Indonesia
Baku Natia 11'44
(Troubled Grass and Crying Bamboo; The Music of Roti) [IAS, independent]
Most of the music on this album is probably nothing like any you have heard from Indonesia before. The featured instrument is the sasandu, a plucked bamboo-tube zither with a palm-leaf resonator. Daniel Huan cannot seriously be considered a traditional music performer. According to the producer and recordist Christopher Basile, his songs are beautiful but idiosyncratic with very personal references and puns. Huan is obviously quite a character.

Mychael DANNA
(a) Omiya 2'06
(b) Maya Takes Revenge 0'56
(c) Aphrodisiac 1'44
(d) Expulsion 1'50
(e) All Pure Spirit 2'56
(f) A Jewel of the Gutter 2'54
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]
Vocals - Shubha MUDGAL

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Roger WHITE .... Pakistan / UK
(a) Chottie See 3'53
(b) Phoolan's Revenge 2'35Behmai 1'21
(c) Hillside Drums 1'14
(d) Death to the Bandit 0'42
(e) Red Bandana 1'22
(e) Jammanchpur 1'33
(Bandit Queen) [Milan]

Bikram GHOSH .... India
Morning Contemplations 7'01
(Talking Tabla) [Music of the World]
This is a tabla album, so ... accompanying the tabla on this piece, Tarun BATTACHARYA plays santur.

NGUYEN Dinh Nghia .... Vietnam / USA
Improvisation in "ai" mode 7'01
(Eternal Voices - 2 CD set) [New Alliance]
This lament on the sao (a transverse flute) sounds almost like one continuous phrase because of the incredible circular breathing technique. This album features the Phong NGUYEN Ensemble playing a wide range of traditional Vietnamese music.

GYÜTÖ MONKS as members of the TIBETAN INSTITUTE of PERFORMING ARTS .... Dharamsala (Tibetans in exile)
Yamantaka 4'52
(Dhama Suna) [Detour]

Ningal 5'16
(Sunyata) [Narada]