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Program 479

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Glen VELEZ .... USA
(a) Offering to Anubis 2'25
(b) Assyrian Rose 7'10
(Assyrian Rose) [CMP]

Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
(a) Awakening 2'15
(b) Jungabyn 4'02
(The Human Game CD single) [4AD]
These two pieces come from a film by Ivana Massetti called "Nadro". Neither appears on the newly released "Duality" album.

DEAD CAN DANCE .... Australia / Ireland
(a) Sambatiki 7'30
(1996 Dead Can Dance Concert Tour Program) [4AD - unavailable]
This is the single item that was included on the CD found in the back of their beautifully presented 1996 Concert Program. (The tour included Pieter Bourke.)

Ojibway Air Force Song 3'00
(Honour The Earth Powwow) [Ryko]

Coyote Dance 4'02
(Music for the Native Americans) [Capitol]

Eligah MANGITAK & Qaunnaq MIKIGAK .... Canada
Hide and Seek Song 1'00
(Songs of the Inuit) [JVC Japan]

KASHTIN, Robbie ROBERTSON .... Quebec / USA
Akua Tuta 4'45
(Music for the Native Americans) [Capitol]

Eligah MANGITAK & Qaunnaq MIKIGAK .... Canada
Ihan 1'49
(Songs of the Inuit) [JVC Japan]
Inuit song in friendly competition includes using your opponents mouth as a resonating cavity, the general idea being to win by making your opponent tire first, or make them fall about laughing. The most significant cover-note points to the fact that this traditional game has remained unchanged in recent times because of the parallel preservation of the Inuit language. You can hear these two women fall about laughing twice in this recording.

Kelele 6'40
(Time Fish) [ESD]
with Steve TIBBETS on guitar.

Antoine MOUNDANDA LIKEMBÉ GÉANT .... Congo (form. Zaïre)
Koulohele 6'56
(Kesse Kesse) [Indigo]

Regis GIZAVO .... Madagascar
Tsikaholy 4'51
(Mikea) [Indigo]
Profusely overdubbed, but a resulting rich vocal sound and pumping accordian like that of Clifton Chenier. You'll also find this song on the well-constructed "Indigo Africa" compilation.

D'GARY .... Madagascar
(a) Betepotepo 4'50
(Malagasy Guitar) [Shanachie]
(b) Amine 4'00
(Mbo Loza) [Indigo]

Thierry ROBIN ....France
(a) Kicsi kicsi kém 5'38
(b) Seated nude - Taqsim in 'blue' mode 3'46
(Le regard nu - The Naked Look) [Auvidis / Silex]
Portraits of women. Oud and bouzouki played while "viewing" live nude models. The intermittent interjections in Hungarian translate as seductive and suggestive things like - "tell me a story, my passion-petal honey-bubble blossom-bottom dribble-beak" etc... OK just kidding, but the sentiment is correct.

Mamdoah El GEBALY - oud, Mostafa Abd El KHALEK - qanoun etc .... Egypt
(a) Khatwet Habibi 4'01
(b) Sama'i Bayati 6'22
(Al-Qahirah, Classical Music of Cairo: Music of Islam Vol.1) [Celestial Harmonies]

HANAN .... Egypt
Ya Leyl, A'ah 4'00
(Sif Safaa: New Music From The Middle East) [EMI / Hemisphere]

SABAH .... Lebanon
Kolli Ma Bchoufac 8'30
(Sabah) [Voice of Lebanon]
This piece by Mohammed Abdel Wahab.

Simon SHAHEEN .... Middle East
Theme and Variations Approx.5'00
(The Music of Mohammed Abdel Wahab) [Axiom]