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Program 478

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Gevorg DABAGIAN .... Armenia
Akh im champen - Ah, my road 3'42
(Music of Armenia Vol.3 - Duduk) [Celestial Harmonies]

RUSTAVI CHOIR .... Georgia
(a) Chona 5'21
(b) Riding Song 2'18
(Heroic Songs & Hymns from Georgia) [Shanachie]
Time for the testosterone.

Michael STEARNS .... USA
Monk with bell 2'33
(Baraka S/Trk) [Milan]

Andreas VOLLENWIEDER .... Switzerland
(a) The Birds of Tilmun 2'14
with the bird-imitation vocal acrobatics of Mongolian singer Saynko NAMTCHILAK.
(b) Hirzel 5'11
(Book of Roses) [Columbia]

Marta SEBESTYÉN and MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
Wedding in Füzes Village 9'33
(Morning Star) [Hannibal]

XENOS .... Australia
O Dada Shala 4'49
(World Music Café - Boîte Sampler No.3) [independent]

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE ....Greece / Australia
The Doves 5'00
(Antipodes 1992-1996) [independent via MDS]
As I have said before, I know I have a fine CD in my hands when I feel completely comfortable about playing any track on the radio. Fabulous stuff from Melbourne's Cretan musical melting pot that covers their first two releases that are no longer available, with lots of new material.

Lena WILLEMARK & Ale MÖLLER ....Sweden
Gullharpan 6'31
(The Planet CD) [ABC Music]
A great compilation album. Möller plays the mandola with Jonas Knuttson on sax.

Havet Stomar 5'52
(Songs From The Cold Seas) [Columbia / Sony]

Annbjørg LIEN ....Norway
Korstog 4'33
(Prisme) [Grappa]

HEDNINGARNA (The Heathens) .... Sweden
Joupelle joutunut 3'30
(Kaksi!) [Xources]
A rather interesting hard-edged folky group with medieval leanings.

LOITUMA .... Finland
Eriskummainen kantele - My kantele 3'42
(Things of Beauty) [Northside]
A young group combining Finnish vocal music with the kantele (Finnish harp). They won Band of the Year at last years Kaustinen Folk Festival.

Mark ISAACS .... Australia
Sacred Ground 5'50
(Earth) [ABC Music - EMI]
Mark is a well-regarded jazz and classical pianist and composer, and this atmospheric collection of improvisations is but one of four discs in the "Elements" series; "Earth", "Water", "Air" & "Fire".

INVENTION IN TIME .... Australia
One Day, One Moment 8'31
(Natural Expression) [independent]
Ariel Valent - vibraphone and Kate Adam - Marimba. All original music.
For more information write to
Invention In Time
Suite 105
16 Cotham road
KEW Vic 3101

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
Night Ride Across The Caucasus 8'28
(The Book of Secrets) [Quinlan Road]

Turpani skhedan 4'00
(Table Songs of Georgia) [Real World]

Fratelli MANCUSO & Antonio MARANGOLO .... Italy
Bella Maria 7'25
(Secret World Vol.2) [Amiata]

Paolo MODUGNO .... Italy
Tammuriata 5'00
(Le bala et la mouche) [Robi Droli / Newtone NT 6732]