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Program 477

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

WARGA SINTU GUNUNG .... Lombok, Indonesia
Barong Roncang 9'10
(Be Not Afraid to Strike The Gong) [Indonesian Arts Society]

PHO CUT NYAK DHIN .... Aceh Province, Sumatra / Indonesia
Ratép Meuseukat 6'26
(Muslim Music of Indonesia - Aceh and West Sumatra: Music of Islam Vol.15 - 2 CD set) [Celestial Harmonies]
(See last weeks playlist)

Mamdoah El GEBALY - oud, Mostafa Abd El KHALEK - qanoun etc .... Egypt
Ana Fi Entizarak Khalet 13'05
(Al-Qahira, Classical Music of Cairo: Music of Islam Vol.1) [Celestial Harmonies]
This piece was premiered as a song by the late Um Kalthoum in 1943 with the original words of Bairam al-Tunisi. Fabulous playing from a tight ensemble.

SOUTH SINAI BEDOUINS - Selim SELIMAN, musical director, lead voice, oud, simsimiyya .... Egypt
(a) Mili Allaya Mili - Lean on me, lean 5'29
Features the simsimiyya, a 5 string lute traditionally made from wood, but an oil-can suffices. Also oil-can drums, clapping and chorus.
(b) Qasidah 4'07
A love poem with a bizarrely recorded 1 string fiddle.
(c) You who are going to the water-hole, give me a drink 4'24
(Music of the South Sinai Bedouins: Music of Islam Vol.2) [Celestial Harmonies]

El Kacimi MOHAMED - leader & violin etc .... Morocco
Eshbehayn 8'49
(Al-Andalus, Andalusian Music: Music of Islam Vol.7) [Celestial Harmonies]
More exuberant and slightly chaotic when compared to the classical music of Cairo.

Luis DELGADO .... Spain
La aurora nocturna 5'54
(El Sueño de Al-Zaqqâq) [NubeNEGRA]
With vocalist Mohamed El Arabí SERGHINI.

Mario LATTUADA & Robert BRATETICH .... Australia
El Fuego 3'17
(El Fuego) [independent]
A very spanish-flavoured release from two fine Melbourne guitarists.

ROSANA .... Spain
Furia de Color 3'05
(Lunas Rotas) [MCA]

PRETO E BRANCO (now known as OCASO) .... Australia
Verde 7'03
(Verde) [Newmarket]

Thierry 'Titi' ROBIN - GITANS .... France
Rumba do Vesou No.2 5'53
(Payo Michto) [Silex]
The title is a reference to the mixture of gypsy and non-gypsy (payo) musicians who collaborate on this concert recording.

Yiorgos MANGAS .... Greece
Gia Tous Anthropous Pou 5'25
(L'épopée tzigane - Road of the Gypsies) [Network]
Fabulous clarinet from this double-CD celebrating Romani music.

Janette GERI .... Australia
Final Cry 3'06
(Secret of the West Wind) [independent / Newmarket]
A remixed and remastered "export edition".

Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
The Human Game 6'45
(Duality) [4AD]

Sharam NAZERI with the Shams Tanbur Ensemble .... Iran / Kurdistan
Jewel of Love 10'12
(Mystified) [QuarterTone / Kereshmeh]
Sufi Music of Iran with the poetry of Rumi.

Janette GERI .... Australia
Olliebod's Jig 1'00
(Secret of the West Wind) [independent / Newmarket]
... just the tail end of piece that I'll revisit soon.