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#475 - Difficult to pigeon-hole

Program 475

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Steve SHEHAN & Baly OTHMANI .... USA-France / Algeria
Damaa 6'25
(Assarouf) [Worldly Triloka]

Steve SHEHAN .... USA-France
(a) Afrocubana 5'12
(Arrows) [Made To Measure]
(b) Southern Attitudes 4'03
(Indigo Dreams) [K-Vox]

(a) Kyé Kyé 8'36
(Majoun) [Sony Classical]
Again with Steve SHEHAN, and members of the Moroccan National Radio Orchestra
(b) Desert Equations 6'52
(Desert Equations - Azax Attra) [Made To Measure]

Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
(a) Shadow Magnet 7'20
(b) Pilrgimage of Lost Children 3'40
(Duality) [4AD]

Unknown .... Java / Indonesia
Renggong Manis 6'45
(The Best Sound of Kecapi Suling) [Maharani]

Bernadus & Alexander HENUK .... Roti / Indonesia
Ofalanga 4'14
(Troubled Grass and Crying Bamboo - The Music of Roti) [IAS independent]
The featured instrument is the sasandu, a plucked bamboo-tube zither with a palm-leaf resonator.

GRUP SAMSÉNA .... Irian Jaya / Indonesia
Béyuser Refo 3'29
(Music of Biak) [Smithsonian Folkways]
An example of Wor. Music documented by Philip YAMPOLSKY

ENGA people .... Papua New Guinea
(a) Love song 1'50
(b) Work song 0'30
(Enga Traditional Music) []

George TELEK .... Papua New Guinea
Go Way Long Bush 3'25
(Telek) [Origin]
With Archie ROACH

Mercan DEDE .... USA
The Name of the City - Dream of Adam 6'40
(Sufi Dreams) [Golden Horn Productions GHP003-2]

Pagan 6'25
(City: Works of Fiction) [Opal / Warner]

Lisa GERRARD & Pieter BOURKE .... Australia
Tempest 5'50
(Duality) [4AD]

Talip ÖZKAN .... Turkey
Komur Gozlum 5'06
(The Dark Fire) [Axiom]

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... Middle East / USA
Love Respect Truth 6'56
(Whirling) [Celestial Harmonies]
Featured here in this spell-binding atmospheric piece is Arto TUNCBOYACIAN

Kudsi ERGUNER, Mahmoud Tabrizi ZADEH, Bruno CAILLAT
Selman 8'06
(Oriental Dreams - Iran & Turkey) [Playasound]

MARA! .... Australia
Men Suffer Too 3'30
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus]