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Program 474

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Rise 4'24
(The Space Between Us) [Caroline]
A lush album of string orchestra and electronics. Highly recommended and very gorgeous.

Iarla Ó LIONÁRD .... Ireland
Aililiu Na Gamnha - Calling Home The Calves 4'17
(The Seven Steps To Mercy) [Real World]

CLANNAD .... Ireland
Farewell Love 4'40
(Lore) [BMG]

Michael BROOK & Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN .... Canada / Pakistan
Sweet Pain 6'15
(Night Song) [Real World]

Ustad Badar Ali KHAN .... Pakistan
Trance - Qalandar Mast Mast 16'56
(Lost in Qawwali) [Triloka]
One of the late Nusrat's young cousins. A fresh sound and a good voice. Recorded in 1996.

ZARSANGA ....Afghanistan
Ro Ro Keda 7'39
(Voice of the Pashtu) [Long Distance]
Obviously a popular inclusion for compilation albums; eg. "Global Divas" [Rounder] and "Voices From Long Distance" [Long Distance]

Irina MIKHAILOVA .... Kasakhstan / USA
Razvi 9'10
(Russian Twilight) [Well-Tempered]

INVENTION IN TIME .... Australia
Much 7'46
(Natural Expression) [independent]
Ariel Valent - vibraphone and Kate Adam - Marimba. All original music.

Al-Kartch 6'26
(b) Mohammed SALEH, Abd Al-Saheb LELO, Haitham HASAN .... Iraq / Doha, Qatar
Qum Na Dimi 4'23
Baad El Asaha 5'56
(The Music of Islam - Sampler) [Celestial Harmonies]
A major new 17 CD series produced mainly by David Parsons.

Luis DELGADO .... Spain
Amanecer en la mar 7'16
(El Sueño de Al-Zaqqâq) [NubeNEGRA]
Very moorish flavours. Delgado plays a big range of lutes and percussion from both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar. He is joined vocalists Aurora MORENO & Mohamed El Arabí SERGHINI. Also Omar Metioui, Eduardo PANIAGUA, Jaime MUÑOZ, Carlos BECEIRO & Javier BERGIA.

Pedro BACAN .... Spain
Por El Camino d'Egypto 5'30
(L'épopée tzigane - Road of the Gypsies - 2 CD set) [Network]

Mario LATTUADA & Robert BRATETICH .... Australia
L'oscuro 3'32
(El Fuego) [independent]
A very spanish-flavoured release from two fine Melbourne guitarists.

D'GARY .... Madagascar
Mbo Loza 3'37
(Mbo Loza) [Indigo]

Machanic MANYERUKE .... Zimbabwe
Kana Vatsvene Vopinda - When The Saints Go Marching In 3'42
(Machanic Manyeruke and the Puritans) [Cooking Vinyl]
In-your-face gospel, and I'll be honest, I love it because I can't understand the words.

HOLY CROSS CHOIR .... South Africa
Isizwe Sika Ndlovu 2'56
(Thulani Nilalele) [CTV]
Church music. Fabulous polyphony with cheesy drum machine and DX7 "bass".

Bruce COCKBURN .... Canada
Night Train 6'10
(The Charity of Night) [Ryko]