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#470 - Mostly new releases

Program 470

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

LOITUMA .... Finland
Eriskummainen kantele - My kantele 3'42
(Things of Beauty) [Northside]
A young group combining Finnish vocal music with the kantele (Finnish harp). They won Band of the Year at last years Kaustinen Folk Festival.

Mercan DEDE .... USA
Mevlâna Celaleddin Rumi - Dream of Shams 9'16
(Sufi Dreams) [Golden Horn Productions GHP003-2]

Sharam NAZERI with the Shams Tanbur Ensemble .... Iran / Kurdistan
Jewel of Love 10'12
(Mystified) [QuarterTone / Kereshmeh]
Sufi Music of Iran with the poetry of Rumi.

Berberia 6'40
(Unamuno) [New Tone / Robi Droli]
Rothenberg plays clarinet, flutes and keyboards, accompanied by guitar, oud, shakuhachi, frame drums and soundscapes.

Sitiakes Kondiles 7'00
(Xylouris Ensemble) [independent]

Marta SEBESTYEN & Nikola PAROV ....Hungary
Hindi Lullaby 7'48
(Kismet) [Hannibal]

LOITUMA .... Finland
Kun Mun Kultani Tulisi - Missing Him 5'10
(Things of Beauty) [Northside]

VÄRTTINÄ .... Finland
(a) Seelinnikoi 3'40
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet]
(b) Travuska 4'52
(Aitara) [Xenophile]
(c) Pyry 2'49
(Kokko) [Nonesuch]

(a) MOVING HARPS .... Australia
Planxty Fanny Power 3'43
(b) Kavisha MAZZELLA .... Australia
Dimming of the Day 5'27
(World Music Café - Boîte Sampler No.3) [independent]

Reprise from last week ...

The SABRI BROTHERS .... Pakistan
Jahan Roshan Ast 2'00
(Jami) [Piranha]
In concert in Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University (Clayton campus) on March 8, 8pm.

Ustad Badar Ali KHAN .... Pakistan
Ali The Holy Prophet 16'56
(Lost in Qawwali) [Triloka]
One of the late Nusrat's young cousins. A fresh sound and a good voice, though no yet great. Recorded in 1996.

Dawn 15'24
(Saltanah) [Water Lily Acoustics]

NOTE: PBS had special programming for International Womens Day on March 8, so the next edition of continental Drift was on March 15.