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#469 - Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Madagascar

Program 469

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Henrik PANDE .... Roti, Indonesia
Batu Matia - Thie 1'51
(Troubled Grass and Crying Bamboo; The Music of Roti) [IAS, independent]
This disc will be released by the Indonesian Arts Society (a non-profit organisation based in North Melbourne) in late March and will be featured on this program on March 29 in a discussion with ethnomusicologist Christopher Basile. Also to be released is music from Lombok. Details to follow.

Daniel HUAN .... Roti, Indonesia
Feto Bo'i 5'48
(Troubled Grass and Crying Bamboo; The Music of Roti) [IAS, independent]
Most of the music on this album is probably nothing like any you have heard from Indonesia before. The featured instrument is the sasandu, a plucked bamboo-tube zither with a palm-leaf resonator. My immediate reaction was a musical parallel with Madagascar. I am told that there are links not only with bamboo zithers using motorbike brake-cable as strings, but ancient language connections!

Ustad Nishat KHAN .... India
Raag Bhairavi 6'48
(Meeting of Angels) [Amiata]

The SABRI BROTHERS .... Pakistan
Ba Shogat Jan Ba Alab 20'05
(Jami) [Piranha]
Featuring Haji Ghulam Farid SABRI who died in 1994. The cover does not explain how, nor why this 1991 Berlin recording could not be released why he was still alive. You can see the remaining SABRI BROTHERS in concert at Monash University (Clayton campus) on March 8.

Glen VELEZ .... USA
Doorway to Dionysus 6'16
(Rhythmcolor Exotica) [Ellipsis Arts]
This disc features Arthur BARON on trombone with the HANDDANCE FRAME DRUM ENSEMBLE. Fabulous flawless playing.

Chris HUGHES ....
Shift Pt.1 (after "Drumming")
(Shift) [Fontana]
A man obsessed by the compositions of Steve Reich.

Dr. L. SUBRAMANIUM ....India
Raga Kirvani - ragamalika: vasanta-priya, khadyota-kanti 13'35
(The Violin of Southern India) [Ocora]
For trivia lovers, his doctorate is indeed in medicine.

The MASTER MUSICIANS of JAJOUKA with Bachir ATTAR .... Morocco
(a) Le hegera saiyba - Leaving makes you sad / Sharbbuni a the - Your eyes make me want to drink tea 6'05
(Jajouka Black Eyes) [Le coeur du monde]
(b) Jajouka Between The Mountains 5'51
(Apocalypse Across The Sky) [Axiom]

Bachir ATTAR ....Morocco
Ceremonies against the night of the Devil 4'18
(The Next Dream) [CMP]

JILALA .... Morocco
Darba Del Hamemi 5'10
(Morocco: Crossroads of Time) [Ellipsis Arts]

Cheikha REMITTI .... Algeria
(a) Debri, debri - Manage on your own 4'24
(Aux sources du raï) [Intitut du monde arabe]
Modern raï music comes after decades of turmoil in war, famine, plague, colonisation and cultural upheaval, and from these monotonous Bedouin chants. They are sung here in this 1994 concert as they traditionally were, with a rosewood reed flute called a gasba, and a long drum made from an aloe log with a single camel-hide skin, the guellal.
(b) Rah Yabki 8'00
(Sidi Mansour) [Silences]
Remitti born in May 1923 has survived just about everything. The moralists may have confiscated her earliest recordings, but they could never diminish her spirit and strong voice, which is still superb. This is her "rock raï" album with Fripp & Flea etc.

JOAJOBY .... Madagascar
Velono 5'41
(Velono) [Indigo]

ROSSY .... Madagascar
Midona 1'55
(Island of Ghosts) [Real World]

JUSTIN VALI TRIO .... Madagascar
Bilo - Malagasy voodoo 4'35
(Ny Marina - The Truth) [Real World]