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Program 468

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Jerry GOODMAN .... USA
Waltz of the Windmills 5'47
(On The Future Of Aviation) [Private Music]

VERSHKI da KORESHKI .... Senegal / Tuva / Russia
Khoomei-bas 5'20
(Vershki da Koreshki) [Al Sur / Media 7 ALCD 204]

African Journey 3'32
(Baraka) [Milan]

Sarah HOPKINS .... Australia
Cello Chi 13'02
(Sky Song) [ABC Music]
A meditation for cello and harmonic singing. From a joint project with Alan LAMB and his "wire music".

ZULYA .... Tatarstan / Australia
(a) Dai sima maicho 3'17
(b) Shil mé féin 2'10
(Journey of Voice) [independent]

Nane Tsora 4'18
(Road of the Gypsies) [World Network]

Luis DELGADO .... Spain
La luz de la Axarquia 3'06
(El Sueño de Al-Zaqqâq) [NubeNEGRA NN1.026]
New treatments of moorish music. Delgado plays a big range of lutes and percussion from both sides of the Strait of Gibraltar. He is joined vocalists Aurora MORENO & Mohamed El Arabí SERGHINI. Also Omar Metioui, Eduardo PANIAGUA, Jaime MUÑOZ, Carlos BECEIRO & Javier BERGIA.

Iarla Ó LIONÁRD .... Ireland
Seacht - Seven 6'13
(The Seven Steps To Mercy) [Real World]

The KAMKARS .... Iran / Kurdistan
Kolan bâ kolan 7'18
(Voices From Long Distance) [CNR Music / Sonart]

Sharam NAZERI (voice) & ENSEMBLE ALIZADEH .... Iran / Kurdistan
Kurdish Folksong - Harier Hariere 4'24
(Nowruz Traditional and Classical Music) [World Network / WDR]
From a 1990 concert recorded in Cologne by WestDeutcher Rundfunk. The leader of this ensemble is the tar-player and composer Hossein ALIZADEH who has several releases available through Californian-based Kereshmeh Records.

Kudsi ERGUNER, Mahmoud Tabrizi ZADEH, Bruno CAILLAT
Arzu 12'41
(Oriental Dreams - Iran & Turkey) [Playasound]

Jadal 1st movement 21'16
(Jadal 2CD) [Nagam]
Features Marcel KHALIFÉ & Charbel ROUHANA on duelling ouds, with acoustic bass guitar and riq (tambourine) Fabulous playing. This label has offices in Dallas Texas and Beirut. If they had tried hard enough, this album could have made it onto one CD with a minute to spare from the absolute 80 minute limit.

Unknown .... West Java, Indonesia
Bubuka 2'28
(Sunda, Music From Indonesia) [Amiata]
Kecapi-Suling. A duet between a koto-like zither-thingy (kecapi) and long flute (suling).

Unknown .... Bali, Indonesia
(a) Gemelan Anklung - Mergepati 6'00
(b) Genggong: Pemungkah - Frog song - Flute solo 5'10
(Music from the Morning of the World) [Nonesuch Explorer]
Recordings made by David Lewiston 1966.