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Program 463

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Klaus PINDSTRUP .... Denmark
Niels Jørgensens Ottemansdans 1'44
(Folk Music of Denmark 95) [not available]
A promotional CD produced by Danish Music Export & Promotion in Svendborg, Denmark. For more information, contact Australia Northern Europe Liaisons in Melbourne (+613) 9510 3343

Annbjørg LIEN ....Norway
Vidvandre 3'58
(Prisme) [Grappa]

(a) Vinze Vinze 7'48
(b) Take Five Take Eleven 7'00
(Speed/Balkan/Boogie) [Kirkelig Kulturverksted FXCD 148]
A mixture of musically-competent Norwegians and Balkan migrants recorded live in 1994.

Ray Periera's BONGO FURY .... Australia
(a) Fez 6'16
(b) Bambaya 3'31
(Home) [independent]

Guillermo PORTABALES .... Cuba
El Carretero 3'08
(El Carretero) [World Circuit]
This is a beautiful album of fine stereo recordings from the latter part of the 42 year musical career of this extraordinary singer and guitarist, a life cut short by a car in 1970.

La gente no se puede aguantar 4'40
(La Explosion Del Momento) [Real World]
A dance style known as son-changüi.

Jean-Luc PONTY .... USA
Rhum 'n' Zouc 5'03
(Tchokola) [Epic]

Ali Farka TOURE ....Mali
Ma ci ni goyi di 2'40
(Radio Mali) [World Circuit]
Recording from 1970-78 rescued from the archives of Radio Mali, and recorded by Boubacar TRAORÉ and Jean CLAUDE.

Ali Farka TOURE & Ry COODER .... Mali / USA
Lasidan 6'00
(Talking Timbuktu) [World Circuit]

Ali Farka TOURE ....Mali
Amandrai 7'14
(Ali Farka Toure) [World Circuit]
This early studio version appears only on the CD version of this album.

Lokua KANZA .... Zaire / Paris
Mbula 3'16
(Lokua Kanza) [Sandstock distribution]

AKA PYGMIES .... Central Africa
Bondo - Divining music 3'45
(Anthology of the music of the Aka Pygmies) [Ocora, 2 CD]

Hamza El DIN .... Sudan / USA
The Visitors 9'47
(Eclipse) [Ryko]

Various GNAWA musicians from MARRAKESH ....Morocco
Greens 12'32
(Songs for Sidi Mimoun) [Newtone - Robi Droli]
This disc features the main repertoire of four of the seven main "suites" in the Gnawa ceremony, as well as the opening which I have not heard before.

ABDELLI .... Algeria / Belgium
Achaah - Resentment 7'03
(New Moon) [Real World]