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#462 - Middle East, Mediterranean, Psychædelia, Hungary

Program 462

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK & Brian KEANE .... Turkey-Iran / USA
(a) Rast Medhal 6'17
(Süleyman the Magnificent) [Celestial Harmonies]
(b) Imaginary Traveller 6'05
(Beyond The Sky) [Celestial Harmonies]

SIROCCO .... Australia
(a) Zorla 4'19
(Port of Call) [Larrikin]
(b) Breath 5'11
(The Breath of Time) [ABC Music]

Aida AYUBI ....Egypt
Nami 2'35
(Sif Safaa: New Music from the Middle East) [EMI / Hemisphere]

Mohammed MOUNIR ....Egypt
Sif Safaa 3'52
(Sif Safaa: New Music from the Middle East) [EMI / Hemisphere]

The Happy Sheik 9'10
(Odd Times) [Enja]
A new release recorded live in Cologne in May 1997.

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE ....Greece / Australia
When You Reach Out 5'20
(Antipodes 1992-1996) [independent via MDS]
As I have said before, I know I have a fine CD in my hands when I feel completely comfortable about playing any track on the radio. A new release from Melbourne's Cretan musical melting pot. Fabulous stuff that covers their first two releases that are no longer available, with lots of new material.

Unknown .... Greece
Capo Ligo Ligo 3'00
(Rembetiko Trayoudi) [Lyra]
I cannot pass on much about this Rembetiko compilation, because sadly I cannot read Greek. I know that this song is from Crete.

(a) Rampé Rampé 3'31
(B-side of "I Found Out" single - 1967) [Epic]
(b) Taxim 11'17
(A Beacon From Mars - 1968) [Epic]
Not to be confused with the UK outfit of the same name and era, this obscure American group formed in 1966 and created their own psychædelia until they disbanded in 1970. David Linley's instrumental competence was the reason they explored some mediterranean material.

SUNS of ARQA .... UK
Cradle Pts.1 & 2 11'00
(Cradle) [Earthsounds]
Another elusive outfit almost as obscure as 23 Skidoo, creating all manner of alternative dub ... and this, an atmospheric excursion with shenai, violin, flute and drones, based on the ragas Yaman Kalyam and Bhaiavi Pahvadi.

Marta SEBESTYÉN ....Hungary
Devoiko Mome 4'44
(Kismet) [Hannibal]

Marta SEBESTYÉN and MUZSIKÁS .... Hungary
(a) Madocsai szóló-órzó 3'00
A love song from a wine growing district 120km south of Budapest.
(b) Kerekes héjsza és sebes - Round Dance of Gyimes 3'38
(Morning Star) [Hannibal]

MOUTH MUSIC .... Scotland
Milking The Cow 6'58
(Mo-di) [Ryko]

Iarla Ó LIONÁRD .... Ireland
An Buachaill Caol Dubh 5'30
(The Seven Steps To Mercy) [Real World]
You may know him from the AFRO-CELT SOUND SYSTEM. A collaboration with Michael Brook, this is a very laid-back album. The song title is a metaphor for the spirit of the drink - The Dark Slender Boy

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
Skellig 6'05
(The Book of Secrets) [Quinlan Road]