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Program 461

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Yulduz USMANOVA .... Uzbekistan
Yor-Yor 4'01
(Alma Alma) [Mirimar / Blue flame]
This is basically pop music, neither exotic nor traditional, but I know many of you like it.

Irina MIKHAILOVA .... Kasakhstan / USA
Molihta 9'50
(Russian Twilight) [Well-Tempered]

GOTHIC VOICES with Emma Kirkby .... UK
O Ecclessia 5'54
(A Feather on the Breath of God) [Hyperion]

Ningal 5'16
(Sunyata) [Narada]

Haraprasad CHAURASIA, Shivkumar SHARMA, Brijbushan KABRA .... India
Raag Pahadi 6'40
(The Planet CD) [ABC Music]
Originally released in 1969 on an album called "Call of the Valley"

Mychael DANNA
(a) Wedding Song (Vocals - Shubha MUDGAL)
(b) Jai's flower 0'56
(c) Eternal Triangle 2'12 (Violin - L. SUBRAMANIUM)
(d) Expulsion 1'50 (Vocals - Shubha MUDGAL)
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]

Maharajapuram V. SANTHANAM .... India
Sankari Samkuru 7'20
(Maharajapuram V. Santhanam) [Music Today]
This man represents the fifth generation of disciples in the lineage of the great singer Thyagaraja (1767-1847). These "budget" non-Dolby non-pirate cassettes from this New Delhi label are surprisingly good quality.

Bikram GHOSH .... India
Nasruk 13'35
(Talking Tabla) [Music of the World]
with Ramesh MISHRA, sarangi.

Choying DROLMA & Steve TIBBETTS .... Tibet / USA
Kyema Mimin 3'07
(Chö) [Ryko]

Members of the TIBETAN INSTITUTE of PERFORMING ARTS with GYÜTÖ MONKS .... Dharamsala (Tibetans in exile)
Phel-den Lha-mo 5'24
(Dhama Suna) [Detour]
An offering of praises to the female protection deity of Tibet

Choying DROLMA & Steve TIBBETTS .... Tibet / USA
Kyamdro Semkye 3'11
(Chö) [Ryko]

TALYN DUULAL .... Mongolia
(a) Altain Magtall 3'46
(b) Setgeld Shingesen Gov - The Gobi has absorbed my thoughts 6'09
(Le chant des steppes) [Indigo]

Satsuki ODAMURA .... Australia
Flying Like A Bird 3'40
(Flying Like A Bird) [Tall Poppies]
This excerpt also appears on the compilation Kulluka: Where Our Roots Lie [Sandstock]

NADOYA Music and Dance Company .... Australia
(a) Monkey Dreaming 1'32
(b) Spirals 6'13
(c) A small sign of Autumn 1'18
(Kagome) [independent]
A fabulous blend of musical influence and instrumentation, developed for butoh movement art and contemporary dance forms. The music is the work of Anne NORMAN - shakuhachi, bowls, Vietnamese oboe etc., Peter NEVILLE - percussion inc. steel drums, music box & drum kit, Satsuki ODAMURA - koto, Michael HEWES - bass guitar. The voices are provided by the dancers Yumi UMIUMARE, Tony YAP & Lynne SANTOS.

Michael LIVETT & Anne NORMAN .... Australia
(a) Whispering Lunar Incantations
(b) Beside The Stream
(c) Drip Dropt 11'00
(Driftwood) [AMN Productions]
A fine recent Melbourne release - delicate and improvisatory music using shakuhachi, didjeridu, guitar, dan tranh, kalimba, ocarina, bells and dumbek.