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#460 - Ireland, Pakistan, Turkey

Program 460

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Iarla Ó LIONÁRD .... Ireland
Caoineadh Na dTrí Mhuire - Lament at Calvary 7'37
(The Seven Steps To Mercy) [Real World]
A collaboration with Michael Brook, this is a truly atmospheric and gorgeous album.

Michael BROOK & Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN .... Canada / Pakistan
Lament 5'05
(Night Song) [Real World]

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Party .... Pakistan
Maki Madri 17'15
(The Last Prophet) [Real World]

Sant Anup Singh JI .... Punjab, India
Tu Thakuro Bairagro 10'50
(Haun Dekha Darsan Tera Ram) [Super Cassette Industries]
"Shabad Gurbani", which is Punjabi devotional song. Despite the name of this Indian label, this is a CD.

Rabih ABOU-KHALIL .... Lebanon / Germany
(a) Son of Ben-Hur 11'15
(b) Rabih-Abou-Kabou 6'22
(Odd Times) [Enja]
An exciting new live album with Howard Levy (harmonica), Michel Godard (tuba and serpent), Mark Nauseef (drums) & Nabil Khaiat (frame drums). The oud solo from Khalil in the first piece is top stuff.

SABAH .... Lebanon
Kahil El Eyn 6'42
(Sabah) [Voice of Lebanon]

VARIOUS ARTISTS feat. Özer SENAY .... Turkey
Çamilicadan Bakinca 8'24
(Turkish Bellydance) [ARC Music]
Senay who plays the baglama, is the producer, arranger and composer of the most of the music on this disc.

Alex PERTOUT .... Australia
Lusambo 4'40
(Alex Pertout) [Larrikin]

Iarla Ó LIONÁRD .... Ireland
Seacht - Seven 6'13
(The Seven Steps To Mercy) [Real World]

CLANNAD .... Ireland
(a) Alasdair MacColla 2'08
(Lore) [BMG]
(b) Theme From Harry's Game 2'27
(Magical Ring) [RCA]
(c) Caislean Oir 2'06
(Macalla) [RCA]
(d) Croi Croga 5'19
(Lore) [BMG]

Gavin BRYARS .... UK
A Man in a Room, Gambling No.10 5'14
(A Man in a Room, Gambling) [Point]
Narrated by the Spanish artist Juan Muñoz. Part of a series of ten radiophonic pieces created in 1992, designed to be heard before the final evening news on the BBC in a similar way to the predictable and bizarre delivery of the shipping forecasts.

BANABILA & SAKA ... The Netherlands
Eagle 2'00
(Nightmirror) [BUMA STEMRA]