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#459 - From rainforests to arid lands

Program 459

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

BA BENZÉLÉ PYGMIES ....Central Africa
(a) Walking Song 5'17
(b) Boyobi at a Spear Hunting Camp 5'52
(Bayaka) [Ellipsis Arts]
A CD in a 23 x 23 cm book, the music of which is very highly produced and remixed by Bernie KRAUSE into a continuous soundscape, from original recordings by Louis SARNO.

DEAD CAN DANCE .... Australia / Ireland
(a) Sambatiki 7'30
(1996 Dead Can Dance Concert Tour Program) [4AD - unavailable]
This is the single item that was included on this CD found in the back of their beautifully presented concert program.
(b) As The Bell Rings, The Maypole Spins 5'12
(Aion) [4AD]

KALULI people from Mt. Bosavi, Southern Highlands Province .... Papua New Guinea
(a) Relaxing by a creek 5'50
(b) From afternoon to afternoon darkening 1'30
(Voices of the Rainforest) [Ryko]
Recordings by Steven FELD.

Lendungan SIMFAL .... Philippines
In the presence of the spirit 3'38
(Utom: Summoning The Spirit) [Ryko]
Recordings of the T'BOLI people of Mindanao, made by Melbourne-based Manolete Mora.

Khalifa Ould EIDE & Dimi Mint ABBA .... Mauritania
Waidalal Waidalal 6'14
(Moorish Music From Mauritania) [World Circuit]
This piece was composed by Eide's father, and begins with three verses in praise of the prophet. A brilliant disc of music rarely recorded. Moorish musicians in Islamic Mauritania are known as iggawin, comparable to the Griots of Mali. The first half of the disc features the ardin (a 14 string relative of the kora) and the tidinit, a small lute similar to the ngoni. The electric guitar comes into play later. This piece features clapping as you would hear in Gnawa music from Morocco.

Mahmoud GUINIA ....Morocco
Saste Dima Nyou 11'46
(Musique Tagnawite) [Tichkaphone - Sonodisc]

Whorl on the Mount of the Moon 10'32
(Majoun) [Sony Classical]
With Steve SHEEHAN, and members of the Moroccan National Radio Orchestra

Steve SHEEHAN .... Paris, France
(a) Arrows 9'30
(Arrows) [Made to Measure]
(b) Bird Tribe 4'23
(Indigo Dreams) [K-Vox]

MUSICIANS of the NILE .... Egypt
Bitnadini Tani Lih 9'53
(Charcoal Gypsies) [Real World]

Mesopotamia 13'47
(Rhythmcolor Exotica) [Ellipsis Arts]