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Program 458

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Irina MIKHAILOVA .... Kasakhstan / USA
Dance of the Winds 5'45
(Russian Twilight) [Well-Tempered]

Marie BOINE .... Saamiland / Finland
Mielahisvuohta - a state of mind where your intellect is disconnected 6'00
(Eallin) [Antilles]

Lena WILLEMARK & Ale MÖLLER ....Sweden
Gullharpan 6'31
(The Planet CD) [ABC Music]
A great compilation album. Möller plays the madola with Jonas Knuttson on sax.

Ray Periera's BONGO FURY .... Australia
Fez 6'13
(Home) [independent]
A collaboration with David Williams. There are many guests, and this piece Glen reither on sax.

Trilok GURTU .... India / Germany
Glimpse 6'48
(The Glimpse) [CMP]

Loreena McKENNITT .... Canada
Night Ride Across The Caucasus 8'28
(The Book of Secrets) [Quinlan Road]

Irina MIKHAILOVA .... Kasakhstan / USA
Zahodila Luna 7'17
(Russian Twilight) [Well-Tempered]

Rüdiger OPPERMAN, Malamini JOBARTEH etc ....Germany / Gambia
(a) Turnaround 4'50
(b) M'Bassi 6'32
(Same Sun, Same Moon) [Shamrock]

Las Cuevas 5'07
(Temporal) [World Circuit]

Ray Periera's BONGO FURY .... Australia
(a) Marrakesh 2'52
(b) Makola Market 3'56
(Home) [independent]

FATALA .... Guinea
Maané 3'01
(Gongoma Times) [Real World]

African soul 5'25
(Big Noise 2: Another Mambo Inn Compilation) [Ryko]

Tabu Ley ROCHEREAU .... Congo (former Zaïre)
King Sa 8'30
(Out of Africa) [Ryko]

Baaba MAAL .... Senegal
(a) Ndaga 5'55
(b) Homage à Guelayé 5'30
(Sunugal) [Distributed by Talla DIAGNE in Dakar !]
A cassette album recorded late 94 released only in Senegal, very much in the style of the seminal Djam Leeli

King Sunny ADÉ .... Nigeria
Ja Funmi 7'00
(Juju Music) [Mango]