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Program 453

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE & HUUN-HUUR-TU .... Bulgaria / Tuva
Legend 7'38
(Fly, Fly My Sadness) [Shanachie]
A fabulous combination of cultures, and mostly fine contemporary compositions from Mikhail ALPERIN.

Hossein ALIZADEH .... Iran
Rastpanjgah 28'55
- Chãhãrmezrab  Ensemble
- Darãmad  Setar, Kamancheh (spike fiddle), voice
- Song of Heaven  Ensemble, voice
- Oshãq  Setar, voice
- Kereshmeh, Foroud  Kamancheh trio, voice
- Wild Gazelle  Ensemble, voice
(Raz-O-Niaz) [Kereshmeh]
Alizadeh not only composes music like this in a Classical Persian style, but here he also directs the combined forces of the Shayda and Aref ensembles, and plays the long-necked 4-string lute called a setar. The setar is made of thin mulberry wood, and the fingerboard has around 25 adjustable gut frets. The name literally means three strings, but these days has four.
On this long-form piece, you can hear the wonderful voice of Ali Reza Eftekhari.

Gavin BRYARS .... UK
A Man in a Room, Gambling No.9 5'05
(A Man in a Room, Gambling) [Point]
Narrated by the Spanish artist Juan Muñoz. Part of a series of ten radiophonic pieces created in 1992, designed to be heard before the final evening news on the BBC in a similar way to the predictable and bizarre delivery of the Shipping Forecast. (The only example I can readily find of this forecast is at the end of the song "Windpower" by Thomas DOLBY.)

Carlos LOMAS & Pepe de MALAGA .... Spain
Alegrias 8'10
(Andalusian Flamenco Song and Dance) [Lyricord]

Jorge REYES & Suso SAÏZ .... Mexico / Spain
(a) No Te Entiendo 8'04
(b) Ahi O Hay Te Estas 2'26
(Chronica de Castas) [NO-CD Rekords]

Joxan GOIKOETXEA & Juan Mari BELTRAN .... Spain (Basque country)
Egurraren Orpotik Dator 6'00
(Egurraren Orpotik Dator) [No-CD Rekords]

C16 Sephardic Song 4'19
(Temporal) [BMG]

La CAITA .... Spain
El Pájero Negro 8'42
(Latcho Drom - Soundtrack) [Le Bande Son / Virgin]

Graham HAYNES .... USA
Enlightenment 26'05
(The Griot's Footsteps) [Antilles]
Haynes is an Afro-American cornet player. This disc is very diverse, but every piece has jazz references. Despite its length, this is a rivetting piece underpinned by some very tactful drumming from Brice Wassy, with the sitar and tanpura of Brigitte & Lyra Menon who are left to extrapolate the drone for the last 8 minutes. Brilliant.