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#449 - Connections to India

Program 449

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

RE-ORIENT with Baluji Shrivastav .... UK
Tarana14 6'44
(Indian World Music Fusion) [ARC Music]
Check the title of this album. To me it generally sounds as saccharine and tacky as the description suggests. Dare I suggest that the tabla playing is the most interesting? It can be healthy to be reminded of the ordinary in order to appreciate the extra-ordinary. (If I have just quoted a famous philosopher then I am oblivious to the fact)

Adel SALAMEH (oud) & K. SRIDHAR (sarod) .... Palestine / India
Bliss 21'39
(The Arab Path to India) [WOMAD Select]
A very minimalist approach to collaborative improvisation.

Mychael DANNA
(a) Jai's flower 0'56
(b) Eternal Triangle 2'12 (Violin - L. SUBRAMANIUM)
(c) Expulsion 1'50 (Vocals - Subha MUDGAL)
(d) The Glory of God is in You 2'22 (Ustad Vilayat H. KHAN)
(e) Gold Dust Bacchanalia 5'29
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Roger WHITE .... Pakistan / UK
(a) Preparation 5'09
(b) Behmai 1'21
(c) Funeral Pyres 1'59
(d) The Surrender of Phoolan 4'48
(Bandit Queen) [Milan]

A digression - At this point in the program, I had a phone call from a car somewhere in Toledo in Spain (true!). Roger Holdsworth who usually co-presents "The Global Village" on PBS just rang to stay that he was well, having a wonderful time, and that he would mail me (on loan of course) a copy of the very new Radio Tarifa CD so that I can play it on the radio. PBS will probably be the first station in this country to play it. What a great guy.

Bikram GHOSH .... India
Drut Teentala 9'57
(Talking Tabla) [Music of the World]

Pandit Ravi SHANKAR & Ustad Alla RAKHA .... India
Raga: Yaman - Gat - Matta Tal 9'14
(The Genius of Pandit Ravi Shankar) [Oriental]
In 1986, this was the first CD released by this label. There was only one paragraph devoted to Ravi on the single sheet insert in the case (nothing on Rakha), plus an 8-page book with; 4 pages on Indian classical music, 2 pages of fluff, and 2 pages dedicated to the producer of the recording! With a BIG photo of him holding his sitar. Well, I'm impressed. In fact it has me thinking... I just happen to have a sitar in my loungeroom at the moment. Where's my camera?

Various artists .... Rajasthan, India
(a) Oh Kesario Hazari Gul Ro Phool (featuring Daoud LANGA) 2'53
(b) Kaman Garo Kanhaji (featuring Gazi Khan Manghaniyar) 3'20
("Latcho Drom" Soundtrack) [le bande son]

Lakshmi SHANKAR .... India
Kajeri: Raga Mishra Pilu 9'05
(Songs of Devotion) [Ethnic / Auvidis]

Trilok GURTU .... India / Germany
Shangri La / Usfret 12'56
(Usfret) [CMP]

Mychael DANNA
Maya's Theme 1'00
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]