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#448 - From the Balkans to Central Asia

Program 448

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE & HUUN-HUUR-TU .... Bulgaria / Tuva
Legend 7'38
(Fly, Fly My Sadness) [Shanachie]
A fabulous combination of cultures, and mostly fine contemporary compositions from Mikhail ALPERIN.

SHU-DE .... Tuva
Tyva-Uriankhai 5'47
(Voices From The Distant Steppe) [Real World]

YAT-KHA .... Tuva
Song of Poor Lonely 4'06
(Strictly World-Wide x 4) [Piranha]
Tuvan appear to be obsessed by two things; horses and multiphonic singing.

TUU .... UK
Triple Gem of Wisdom 8'02
(All Our Ancestors) [Beyond / China]
Martin FRANKLIN - Tibetan bowls & percussion, Myki O'DEMPSEY - Electronics, Rebecca LUBLINSKI - Flutes

Lucia HWONG .... USA / China
Generic Actress #3 4'40
(Secret Luminescence) [Private Music]

TALYN DUULAL .... Mongolia
Khoomi 3'40
(Le chant des steppes) [Indigo]

TUU .... UK
Fetish 7'40
(One Thousand Years) [SDV]
Martin FRANKLIN - Percussion, Myki O'DEMPSEY - Electronics, Richard CLARE - Flutes

Unknown .... Bulgaria
Ovdoviala Lissitchkata 2'48
(Mystery of the Bulgarian Voice Vol.2) [Disques Cellier]
Sorry I can't track down the performers, but I've had a few people ask me if I recognised the song for one of the ABC-TV "draw-the-logo-in-the-air" station IDs. I eventually found it.

The Bulgarian Voices ANGELITE & HUUN-HUUR-TU .... Bulgaria / Tuva
Fly, Fly My Sadness 7'38
(Fly, Fly My Sadness) [Shanachie]

MARA & the MARTENITSA CHOIR .... Australia
(a) On the grapevines 3'07
(b) Tsyalo Lyato - All Summer 3'43
(c) Hey Harvesters 0'57
(d) Ovchar Sviri 1'56
(Sezoni) [Rufus]

Stop Playing The Baglama 3'34
(Kulluka: Where Our Roots Lie) [Sandstock]
More to the point, this song is about a fierce dispute between two men over a woman. A fine compilation CD of Australian performances from many cultures issued by The Boîte.

XYLOURIS ENSEMBLE .... Australia / Crete
Pink Lakes 5'22
(Antipodes 1992-1996) [independent / MDS]

Marie BOINE .... Saamiland / Finland
Modjás Katrin - Katrin who smiles 10'25
(Eallin) [Antilles]
Gjermund Silset features on the bass guitar

Yulduz USMANOVA .... Uzbekistan
Turkmen Kizge 5'10
(Alma Alma) [Mirimar / Blue flame]
This is basically pop music, neither exotic nor traditional, but I know many of you like it. In fact if this album were sung in English, I doubt I would have gone past Track 1

EAST MEETS WEST .... The Netherlands/ Turkey
Keklik 5'15
(Hoy Babo Hoy) [SilenZ]

Ibrahim ÇAN .... Turkey
Oh Oh Güzelim 3'18
(Strictly World-Wide x 5) [Piranha]

Radio Balkana 5'05
(Strictly World-Wide x 5) [Piranha]