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#447 - Rabih Abou-Khalil, Nubian artists, African lyres

Program 447

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

inc. Rabih Abou-Khalil, Nubian artists, African lyres

Rabih ABOU-KHALIL .... Lebanon / Germany
Ugo in Love 3'46
(Between Dusk and Dawn) [Enja]
A manic oud solo from Khalil to pre-empt more of his fine work.

Hamza El DIN .... Sudan
(a) The Message Bearer 6'46
with Ahmed ABDUL-MALIK on string bass. Recorded in the early 60's.
(b) Nubala 4'24
(Music of Nubia) [Vanguard]

Abdel Gadir SALIM ALL STARS .... Sudan
Maqtool Hawakiya Kordofan 6'22
(The Merdoum Kings play Songs of Love) [World Circuit]

Ali Hassan KUBAN .... Sudan
Werwek Moskeburungo 4'13
(Walk Like A Nubian) [Piranha]

Khalifa Ould EIDE & Dimi Mint ABBA .... Mauritania
Autoot 6'01
(Moorish Music from Mauritania) [World Circuit]
One of the pieces that unusually include electric guitar, with some extraordinary singing. The "ould" and "mint" in their names means "son of" and "daughter of" respectively, or "from the family of". A stunning album.

Seleshe DAMESSAE .... Ethiopia
Tesfaye 3'51
(Tesfaye: A Future Hope) [Music of the World]
A gentle disc of music for voice and krar, a 6-string lyre

SAMITE .... Uganda / USA
Waterfall 4'22
(Abaana Bakesa - Dance My Children Dance) [Shanachie]
Samite (pron. Sa-mee-tay) plays Western instruments over traditional ones, but on this beautiful piece with him humming along, he plays the 7-string litungu, a lyre from Uganda.

Seleshe DAMESSAE .... Ethiopia
Gerf 3'51
(Tesfaye: A Future Hope) [Music of the World]
This is an instrumental that shows much more virtuosity from Damessae on the krar.

Ayub OGADA .... Kenya / UK
Obiero 5'36
(En Mana Kuoyo) [Real World]
Ogada's pure and sublime voice is accompanied by his lyre, the nyatiti.

Pan Eros 5'30
(Rhythmcolor Exotica) [Ellipsis Arts]
featuring Arthur BARON trombone

Rabih ABOU-KHALIL .... Lebanon / Germany
(a) Dusk 14'15
(Between Dusk and Dawn) [Enja]
with Charlie MARIANO, Glen VELEZ, Ramesh SHOTHAM & Glen MOORE
(b) Catania 7'41
(Al-Jadida) [Enja]
This is probably the most exciting of Khalil's releases, with the best recording and production. Featuring Sonny Fortune, Nabil Khaiat (instead of Velez), with Moore and Shotham as above.

Sangara 10'40
(Four Now) [Justin Time]

George TELEK .... Papua New Guinea
Go Way Long Bush 3'25
(Telek) [Origin]
here with Archie ROACH

Archie ROACH & Ruby HUNTER .... Australia
A Child Was Born Here 4'20
(Hold on Tight CD Single) [Aurora]
Recorded live in Germany June 1995

Archie ROACH .... Australia
Hold on Tight 4'23
(Looking for Butterboy) [Aurora]

ME'SHELL Ndegéocello .... USA
Mary Magdalene 5'50
(Peace Beyond Passion) [Maverick / Reprise]