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#446 - Music from the Muslim world, and around the Mediterranean

Program 446

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

The Awakening 4'45
(Songs From The Victorious City) [TVT]
The ART OF NOISE meets an Egyptian orchestra!

Simon SHAHEEN .... Middle East
Al Hinna 5'19
(The Music of Mohammed Abdel Wahab) [Axiom]

SABAH .... Lebanon
Leych Lahallak 6'49
(Sabah) [Voice of Lebanon]

Hamdi AHMED .... Egypt
Ghallo Tara 4'23
(Sif Safaa: New Music from the Middle East) [Hemisphere]

Hossam RAMZY .... Egypt / UK
(a) Ya Nakhletin 4'30
(b) Eshta 4'00
(The Best of Baladi and Saaïdi - 2 CD Set) [ARC Music]

Mahmoud AHMED .... Ethiopia
Ere Mela Mela 8'00
(Ere Mela Mela) [Hannibal]
I've listened to some more recent recordings from this man, and did not appreciate the dilution of the "sleaze" factor that makes this album so enjoyable; the smokey atmosphere with brass and wah-wah guitar.

Abdel Aziz El MUBARAK .... Sudan
Ya Izzani 8'17
(Sounds of Sudan) [World Circuit]

(a) Without The Moon 6'22
(b) The Bells of St. Minas 7'05
(Antipodes 1992-1996) [independent via MDS]
I know I have a fine CD in my hands when I feel completely comfortable about playing any track on the radio. A new release from Melbourne's Cretan musical melting pot. Fabulous stuff that covers their first two releases that are no longer available, with lots of new material.

TENORES di BITTI .... Sardinia
Lamentu 5'04
(S'Amore 'E Mama) [Real World]

Hossein ALIZADEH .... Iran
NeyNava - Concerto for ney and orchestra, first 2 movements 9'40
(NeyNava / Song of Compassion) [Kereshmeh]

Ahmed ABDUL-MALIK .... Sudan / USA
Ya Annas - Oh People 11'10
(Jazz Sahara) [Riverside]
with Johnny GRIFFIN on sax, recorded in 1958

MUSICIANS of the NILE .... Egypt
Al-ward Al-foll 5'00
(Charcoal Gypsies) [Real World]

Anouar BRAHEM, Kudsi ERGUNER, Barabos ERKÖSE, Lassad HOSNI
Conte de l'incroyable amour 8'00
(Conte de l'incroyable amour) [ECM]