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Program 442

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Cesaria EVORA .... Cape Verde
Coragem Irmon - Take Courage, Brother 6'26
(Cabo Verde) [BMG]

Guillermo PORTABALES .... Cuba
Nostalgia Guajira 2'46
(El Carretero) [World Circuit]

ROSANA .... Spain
Así son las cosas 3'54
(Lunas Rotas) [MCA]
Basically a (good) Spanish pop music album

Guillermo PORTABALES .... Cuba
Nostalgia Guajira 2'46
(El Carretero) [World Circuit]
This is a beautiful album of fine stereo recordings from the latter part of the 42 year musical career of this extraordinary singer and guitarist, a life cut short by a car in 1970.

Archie ROACH .... Australia
Hold on tight 4'22
(Looking for Butterboy) [Aurora / Mushroom]
When I first heard this fine song from one of our great indigenous performers, and even before I started ferreting around inside the sleeve notes of various Daniel Lanois CDs, I knew there had to be a production connection. The name Malcolm BURN turns up again and again. As good as Lanois is as a producer, I feel I've cheated Mr. Burn of some credit, now that his influence and ideas with recording are evident once separated from the distictive Lanois sound.

Daniel LANOIS .... Canada
(a) Still Learning How To Crawl 5'14
(For The Beauty Of Wynona) [Warner]
(b) Still Water 4'26
(Acadie) [Opal Warner]

Brian ENO, Daniel LANOIS, Roger ENO .... UK, Canada, UK
The Secret Place 3'27
(Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks) [EG]

Daniel LANOIS .... Canada
Silver Morning 2'30
(Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks) [EG]

Mansour SECK .... Senegal
(a) Yelayo 5'11
(Yelayo) [Sterns Africa]
(b) Kaïraba 5'11
(N'Der Fouta Tooro) [Sterns Africa]
(c) Sanu 3'42
(Yelayo) [Sterns Africa]
Yelayo is the new album from SECK, and its just delightful, certainly much more focussed overall than the N'Der Fouta Tooro sessions.

SHAKTI .... India / USA
What Need Have I For This, What Need Have I For That, I Am Dancing At The Feet Of My Lord, All Is Bliss, All Is Bliss 28'25
(Shakti with John McLaughlin) [Columbia / Sony]
From 1975, one of those rare live recordings that linger in the mind. I played this tonight for two reasons; Zakir Hussain will be performing in Melbourne 2 weeks from today, and people from the Indian Subcontinent are celebrating 50 years of freedom from the British Empire. This is appropriately joyous music.

Simon SHAHEEN .... Middle East / USA
Sama'i Farahfaza 6'38
(Turath - Heritage) [CMP]
with Omar Faruk TEKBILEK on ney

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK .... Turkey / USA
Hasret 8'47
(Mystical Garden) [Celestial Harmonies]

Kudsi ERGUNER, Mahmoud Tabrizi ZADEH, Bruno CAILLAT
Soheil 11'00
(Oriental Dreams - Iran / Turkey) [Playasound]
Ney, santour (hammer dulcimer / cimbalom) & percussion

The grim news this weekend is that Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has died of a heart attack in a London hospital at the age of 49. This truly great performer will be missed the world over. I'm glad that I had chance to meet him briefly, and even more, to be transported by his Party in performance on several occasions.