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Program 441

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

TRIBAL TRANCE .... Australia
Didgin' in the Dirt 5'29
(Didgin' in the Dirt) [independent]

Rumba Argelina 3'30
(Rumba Argelina) [World Circuit]

Juan CAÑIZARES .... Spain
Hibrido 4'15
(A Week in the Real World) [Real World]

Enrique MORENTE .... Spain
Tangos del la Plaza 3'17
(Negra, si tú supieras) [Nuevos Medios]

Bulerias Turcas 3'08
(Rumba Argelina) [World Circuit]

HADA RAÏNA .... Sweden
(a) Fatma 4'49
(b) Mani, man 4'15
(Slaves of Freedom) [independent]
Formed in 1994, this band has members from Sudan, Algeria and Sweden. Their album needs a little more production work at times, but certainly holds up as an honest document of their early work.

Pierre AKENDENGUE .... Gabon
Epuguzu 4'02
(Silence) [Celluloid]

Femi KUTI .... Nigeria
Wonder Wonder 6'02
(Femi Kuti) [Tabu]

Fela KUTI .... Nigeria
Colonial Mentality 13'40
(Original Sufferhead) [Shanachie]
A tribute to Femi's dad who died last weekend. He'll be remembered for having guts, to express through his music, how he felt about a range of political and social injustices, regardless of the personal consequences.

Khalif Ould EIDE & Dimi Mint ABBA .... Mauritania
Independence 6'16
(Moorish Music From Mauritania) [World Circuit]
Opens with an ancient Yemeni poem of verses in praise of the prophet.

Habib GUEROUMMI .... France
Nawba Pt.4 - Ya Jabiri 7'43
(Musique Arabo-Andalouse) [Playasound]
Beautiful sung poetry (all given in the cover notes) with a fine androgynous voice, and oud accompaniment.

Chalf HASSAN .... Morocco
El-Andalousse 4'20
(Belly Dance From Morocco) [ARC Music]
Produced by Hossam RAMZY.

Najat AATABOU .... Morocco
Finetriki - I want to find my man 8'14
(The Voice of the Atlas) [Globe Style]

Nikola PAROV .... Hungary
Anonymn 7'44
(Kilim) [Hannibal]
A funky-jazzy Balkan style mixture with other instrumentalists from the Riverdance project. The occassional vocals are a little too wild for me, but it is an interesting fusion.

Yulduz USMANOVA .... Uzbekistan
(a) Scooch Ya Gado 6'45
(b) Maida 4'45
(Alma Alma) [Blue Flame Records / BMG Distribution]
Substantially a pop album geared for the US market. She sings with electronics and traditional instruments.

Natacha ATLAS .... UK
Marifnaash 4'40
(Halim) [Nation / Shock]