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#440 - The Indian subcontinent & beyond

Program 440

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Ustad Vilayat H. KHAN
The Glory of God is in you 2'21
(Kama Sutra Soundtrack) [Shock / TVT]

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Party .... Pakistan
Maki Madri 17'15
(The Last Prophet) [Real World]

Bikram GHOSH .... India
Vilambit Teentala 11'34
(Talking Tabla) [Music of the World]
with Ramesh MISHRA, sarangi.

Bhimsen JOSHI ....India
Siri Ram Kahe Samjhayi 7'37
(Music Today cassette compilation) [Music Today]

Atish Fishan 6'12
(Atish) [Triple Earth]

Lata MANGESHKAR .... India
Radha Na Bole 3'10
(Global Divas) [Rounder]
Born in 1928, she is apparently the worlds most recorded artist, with over 30,000 solo, duet and chorus based songs, and 2000 films to her credit.

ZARSANGA ....Afghanistan
Ro Ro Keda 7'39
(Global Divas) [Rounder]

SABRI BROTHERS .... Pakistan
Jahan Roshan Ast 19'08
(Jami) [Piranha]

Trilok GURTU .... India / Germany
Future Heat 10'48
(The Glimpse) [CMP]

Ustad Fateh Ali KHAN & Jan GARBAREK .... Pakistan / Norway
Raga III 11'58
(Ragas & Sagas) [ECM]
The singer is obviously a relative of the great Nusrat.

Ry COODER &asmp; V.M.BHATT .... USA / India
Isa Lei 4'00
(A Meeting By The River) [Water Lily Acoustics]
This fine disc is dedicated to Hawaiian guitarist Gabby PAHINUI