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#439 - Northern Europe - Carlos Santana - The Balkans

Program 439

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Andreas VOLLENWEIDER .... Switzerland
(a) Three Silver Ladies Dance 2'37
(b) La lune et l'enfant 1'48
(Down to the Moon) [CBS]

WIMME .... Saamiland
Alit Guoldu - Blue Drift 4'10
(Strictly Worldwide x 5) [Piranha]

ANGELIN TYTÖT ....Saamiland
Golbma Irkki - 3 Bridegrooms 2'35
(Strictly Worldwide x 3) [Piranha]

VÄRTTINÄ ....Finland
Hoptsoi 3'19
(Seleniko) [Green Linnet]

SHOOGLENIFTY .... Scotland
Hoptsoi 8'02
(A Whisky Kiss) [Larrikin]
composed by Värttinä's Kari Reiman

Annbjørg LIEN ....Norway
Fønix 4'05
(Prisme) [Grappa]

Havet Stomar 5'52
(Songs From The Cold Seas) [Columbia / Sony]

(a) Victorin 2'37
(Kaksi!) [Xources]
(b) Täss'on nainen 4'26
(Trä) [Silence]
A rather interesting hard-edged folky group with medieval leanings.

Come with me to the sacred mountain 10'25
(Eallin) [Antilles]
A recent live album with Roger LUDVIGSEN featured here on guitar

(a) Song of the Wind 5'56
(Caravanserai) [CBS]
(b) Singing Winds, Crying Beasts 4'48
(Abraxas) [CBS]
I'm a week late, but Carlos SANTANA turned 50 last Sunday

Schwung 4'30
(Tonwelle) [IC]
Also out of the archives comes this 1981 curiosity project of Klaus SCHULZE with Mike SHRIEVE on percussion and a famous guitarist using the pseudonymn Karl WAHNFRIED. No further hints necessary.

Hanyo Van OOSTEROM & Michel BANABILA .... The Netherlands
Byzantium 4'10
(Travelling Through Forgotten Worlds) [Steamin' Soundworks / D.A.M.]
I think just released.

EAST MEETS WEST ... The Netherlands
Love-man 3'05
(Hoy Babo Hoy) [SilenZ]
An early 90's Turkish rock outfit that includes Michel BANABILA. This band, and the previous piece feature the voice of Tanal ÇATALPINAR

MARA! and the MARTENITSA CHOIR ....Australia
(a) Tsvalo Lyato - All summer 3'42
(b) Hey Harvesters 0'57
(c) Ovchar Sviri - A shepherd plays 1'57
(d) Sorrow supressed 0'56
(e) eyes Like Berries 1'48
(Sezoni) [Rufus / Polygram]

MARA! ....Australia
(a) Za Liebich 4'30
(Don't Even Think) [Sandstock]
(b) Fair Kop 3'43
(Ruino Vino) [Rufus / Polygram]

Devorg DABAGIAN .... Armenia
Hovern enkan - Medieval lament - A coolbreeze is blowing 4'34
(Music of Armenia Vol.3) [Celestial Harmonies]
Two duduks

Arzas VOSKANYAN .... Armenia
Antuni - Song of the homeless 2'25
(Kalaschjan) [Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt]
Solo voice

Djivan GASPARYAN .... Armenia
7th December 1988 2'35
(Moon Shines At Night) [All Saints]
Two duduks and voice