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Program 432

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Mychael DANNA
(a) Omiya 2'09
(b) Maya's Theme 2'13
(c) Maya Takes Revenge 0'56
(d) Aphrodisiac 1'43
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]

Hanyo Van OOSTEROM & Michel BANABILA .... The Netherlands
And More 3'36
(Travelling Through Forgotten Worlds) [Steamin' Soundworks / D.A.M.]
To be released this month.

TALYN DUULAL .... Mongolia
Khoomei 3'40
(Le chant des steppes) [Label bleu / MCA]
Four types of overtone singing in free progression.

Márta SEBESTYÉN .... Hungary
Teremtés 4'02
(The Best of Márta Sebestyén) [Hannibal]

Zamtari - Winter 3'55
(Table Songs of Georgia) [Real World]

Gevorg DABAGIAN .... Armenia
Es gisher, lusnak gisher - Tonight the moon is full 3'55
(The Music of Armenia Vol.III) [Celestial Harmonies]
This disc is part of a comprehensive six volume series by David and Kay Parsons

ZULYA .... Tatarstan / Australia
Gidegan Chishma 2'54
(Journey of Voice) [independent]
Zulya now lives in Hobart, and says that she has been inspired by the cultural diversity that Australia offers. Hence her disc has a wide range of material from across the globe. Highly recommended.

Omar Faruk TEKBILEK ....Turkey / USA
The Other Side of the River 8'53
(Mystical Garden) [Celestial Harmonies]
I do wish Mr. Tekbilek would find another producer able to allow him to avoid the occassional and typically American "new-age" influences that Brian KEANE imposes. This disc is a good example of a potentially fine album smeared by inappropriate production decisions. Tekbilek's previous release "Whirling" is far better and had the right balance.

Natacha ATLAS .... UK
Agib 7'29
(Halim) [Nation / Shock]

Saïd CHRAÏBI .... Morocco
Taksim / Awjara 5'53
(Saïd Chraïbi, oud) [cinq planètes]

Mychael DANNA
(a) Jai's flower 0'56
(b) Eternal Triangle 2'12 (Violin - L. SUBRAMANIUM)
(c) Expulsion 1'50 (Vocals - Subha MUDGAL)
(d) The Glory of God is in You 2'22 (Ustad Vilayat H. KHAN)
(e) Gold Dust Bacchanalia 5'29
(Kama Sutra SOUNDTRACK) [TVT / Shock Records]

The SABRI BROTHERS .... Pakistan
Tanam Farsuda Jan 13'02
(Jami) [Piranha]
Featuring Haji Ghulam Farid SABRI who died in 1994. The cover does not explain how, nor why this 1991 Berlin recording could not be released why he was still alive.