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Program 422

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Eligah MANGITAK & Qaunnaq MIKIGAK .... Canada
(a) Amma 1'47
(b) Harga 0'43
(c) Amama'a 1'01
(d) Juggling Song 0'55
(Songs of the Inuit) [JVC Japan]
Inuit song in friendly competition includes using your opponents mouth as a resonating cavity, the general idea being to win by making your opponent tire first, or make them fall about laughing. The most significant cover-note points to the fact that this traditional game has remained unchanged in recent times because of the parallel preservation of the Inuit language. Touché

ZULYA .... Tatarstan (former USSR)
Vo pole kolesichki 3'25
(Journey of Voice) [independent]
Zulya now lives in Hobart, and says that she has been inspired by the cultural diversity that Australia offers. Hence her disc has a wide range of material from across the globe. Highly recommended.

Rzaev OGLYI etc. ....6'13
Evlandir 6'13
(Music of Azerbaijan) [King]

Marta SEBESTYEN & Nikola PAROV ....Hungary
Hindi Lullaby 7'48
(Kismet) [Hannibal]

Raghurati 10'48
(Footprints) [Triloka]

unknown 5'00
(unknown) [Lok Geet]
The "unknown" is my inability to read the cassette label! Festive and devotional street music from Rajasthan.

Thierry ROBIN ....France
(a) Prelude 0'39
(b) Tehura Dreams - Portrait with oranges 3'29
(c) Nude No.1 5'37
(Le regard nu - The Naked Look) [Auvidis / Silex]
Portraits of women. Moving oud and bouzouki, with tinges of overlayed poetry played while "viewing" live models.

Cameron ALLAN, Anna-Maria Montecelli ....Australia
2 Poems 1'27
(35,000 ft) [Virgin]
"Il Pleut" by Apollinaire, and "Depart" by Rimbaud over sparse electronics.

Hector ZAZOU, David SYLVIAN, Yuka FUJI etc.
To A Reason 6'22
(Sahara Blue) [Dolphin]

David SYLVIAN ....UK
Mother and Son
(Secrets of the Beehive) [Virgin]
I love Sakamoto's unconventional piano work here.

Guillermo PORTABLES ....Cuba
El Carretero 3'08
(El Carretero) [World Circuit]

Balla et ses Balladins .... Guinea
Keme Bourema 13'17
(Reminiscin' in tempo with .. ) [Popular African Music]
Originally released on the LP "Objectif Perfection", this dancefloor-style piece is not a masterful piece of audio recording, but is a sensational performance.

HOLY CROSS CHOIR ....South Africa
Mabawel' Ijordani 3'04
(Mabawel' Ijordani) [CTV]