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Program 421

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Iamagit 2'30
(Telek) [Origin]

Boubacar TRAORÉ ....Mali
Badialo 4'05
(Kar Kar) [Stern's Africa]

Ali Farka TOURE ....Mali
Hani 4'18
(Radio Mali) [World Circuit]
Recording from 1970-78 rescued from the archives of Radio Mali, and recorded by Boubacar TRAORÉ and Jean CLAUDE.

MOUTH MUSIC ....Scotland
Birnam 7'03
(Mo-di) [Ryko]

Julien WILSON - Soprano sax, Tim NEAL - Hammond organ, Novak CONRAD - Guitar, Andrew SWAN - Drums .... Australia
Dunnotar 4'30
(Ears For Civil Engines) [JazzHead]
Wilson plays his sax like bagpipes. A fine collaborative Australian jazz project

Annbjørg LIEN ....Norway
Vidvandre 3'59
(Prisme) [Grappa]

XYLOSAX ....Australia
Pongi Thongi 3'56
(On The Spot) [independent]
Gaida and thongs slapped on PVC pipes I assume. A rather different new project led by the irrepressible Linsey POLLAK who is well known for his work in the multicultural ensemble SLIVANJE. The other members of XYLOSAX are Ali ADAMS, Jessica AINSWORTH & Mik MOORE.

Michael ATHERTON ....Australia
Waterfall 3'54
(Windshift) [ABC Music]

Sima BINA ....Iran
Quatrains Pt.1 3'20
(Siren Song) [ABC Music]

Dastgah Chahargah (last 3 parts) 13'29
(Nowruz - Traditional & Classical Music from Persia and Kurdistan) [World Network]

ME'SHELL Ndegéocello ....USA
Mary Magdalene 5'30
(Peace Beyond Passion) [Maverick / Reprise]

Nusrat Fateh Ali KHAN & Michael BROOK ....Pakistan / Canada
Intoxicated 7'30
(Night Song) [Real World]

Trilok GURTU .... India / USA
Deep Tri 7'02
(Usfret) [CMP]

Assassin 6'23
(Hear No Evil) [Venture / Virgin]