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Program 418

ARTIST ... Origin
Title  Duration
(Album) [Label]

Guest presenter & producer: KRISTA STOVEL
(Garry away at WOMAD in Adelaide)

Christy MOORE .... Ireland
Danny Boy
(Lament) [Real World]

(Mystery Woman) ....Italy
Sinno Me Moro
(Music and Songs from Italian Films of International Fame) [RCA Victor]
This singer has a voice that would break many a heart, but she is not listed on the recording.

Goran BREGOVIC .... Yugoslavia
(Le temps des Gitans) [Phillips]
A song inspired by one of the largest gypsy celebrations in Bosnia. Tasmanian group Xenos does a more traditional version with the added touches of Blair Greenberg on stage.

Street sounds from Turkey
(Latcho Drom) [Caroline]

Yusef LATEEF ....USA
Passacaglia, 4th Movement
(Suite 16) [Atlantic]
Recorded in Germany with the Cologne Radio Orchestra and the Yusef Lateef Quartet

Maria JOAO & Gruppo CALVIVA ....Portugal
(Sol) [Enja]
Ermenio deMelo adds Portugese style guitar to this piece to lend a fado (blues) feeling

Dan Gisen Malmquist ....Sweden
(Vattentingar) [Resource]

(Telek) [Origin]
Sounds of Rabaul (in PNG where lives) recorded by David Bridie and Telek on the beach outside his house, are woven throughout this vignette of a PNG story and myth.

Loreena McKENNITT ....Canada
(Elemental) [Quinlan Road 1985]
Poem by Blake read by actor Douglas Campbell in this piece composed for the Straford Festival. A wonderful poem "Oh for a voice like like thunder, and a tongue to drown the throat of war"

Laurel McDONALD ....Canada
(Here and Now) [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation]
This piece originally featured in her CD "Kiss Closed My Eyes" Improbable Music 1994. It is featured in this 4 CD compilation highlighting some of the best of a wide selection of Canadian music.

R. Carlos NAKAI & Peter KATER .... USA / Germany
(Planet Soup) [Ellipsis Arts 1995]

Mark VIGGIANI ....Australia
Black Cat Tango
(Rainmaker) [Move Records 1997]

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
(The Trinity Session) [BMG]

Paulo CONTE ....Italy
Jimmy Ballando
(Aquaplano) [Audiogram]

Le Tuan Hung ....Vietnam / Australia
Calm Water
(Landscape in Time) [Move Records]
Very haunting Vietnamese "blues"

Choying DROLMA & Steve TIBBETS .... Tibet / USA
Cho Chendren
(Chö) [Hannibal]

Tomoyo HARADA ....Japan
T'en va pas
(Eggshell) [For Life 1994]

Oscar BROWN Jr ....USA
Dat Dere
(Summer Evenings compilation)
Ultimate song about the curiosity of children with the exquisite phrasing of this jazz vocalist

Vladimir VISSOTSKY ....Russia
Le Vol Arreté
(Le Vol Arreté) [Le Chant du Monde]
A poet and singer who documented the lives of Russians from WW2 to the late 1970's. His voice is rough and vodka-edged, his words close to insanity, his cynical humour brilliant. With titles like "Why have you shaven off all your eyebrows?", "I am busy and I have a knife", "I was a third-rate locksmith", he has given us an irreplacable musical history of over 40 years of Russia's very turbulent history.