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#416 - Exclusive broadcast of Lisa Gerrard in concert

Program 416

Lisa Gerrard (DEAD CAN DANCE) in concert, from THE MIRROR POOL tour, Los Angeles October 25 1995 - An exclusive one-off broadcast by kind permission of Lisa herself, to give listeners the chance to hear the pieces that she is never likely to record in the studio for CD release. The source tape is a digital recording, and digitally edited for broadcast. For dedicated fans, the pieces omitted here are Las Bas (following Item 2), Violina (following Item 3) and Handel's Largo (following Item 17) which was the final encore. On the night, the concert was a continuous 105 minutes.

Opening - untitled 5'19"
Celon 6'35"
Solo whistle 2'21"
Tristan 1'43"
Sanvean 5'46"
Bye Lar 7'38"
Solo Flute 2'02"
Persian Love Song 2'38"
Rembetika 9'04"
Ajhon 3'59"
Solo Tar 2'17"
Swans 6'43"
Song of the Sibyl 6'08"
Solo Bodhran 5'19"
Bolero 7'59"
Greek Rembetika 4'27"
Untitled accordian & voice (Lisa's first composition) 3'08"

Total 85'00"

Worth noting, at the very end of the evening (not broadcast) Lisa Gerrard took great care to individually thank members of the production and support team.

On stage
Lisa Gerrard
Pieter Bourke
Rónán Ó Snodaigh
Robert Perry
John Bonnar
Mark Ellis
Jacek Tuschewski

THE MIRROR POOL CD was internationally released on the 4AD label on August 21 1995.